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A leading crowdfunding platform is revolutionizing the way SMEs access funding through its innovative platform and funding structure. It offers a premium government PO crowd-finance solution that helps SMEs and their suppliers deliver on time and achieve their goals. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and a unique funding approach, it is empowering SMEs to thrive.

Team Members


Weeks to launch MVP


Months of Project delivery time


The Challenge

  • Integration challenges with Calendly API for React Native mobile app to schedule a meeting
  • Ensuring data security and protection of sensitive information
  • Implementing effective code protection measures to prevent unauthorized access or theft of intellectual property

The Solution

  • Developed a custom web page that transforms Calendly's web logic for use in the React Native mobile app, and handling user actions
  • Implemented device detection and prevention measures to secure sensitive data, including disabling screenshots for payment-related information
  • Implemented reverse engineering and Pro Guard measures to prevent unauthorized decompilation of the APK, ensuring code security and protection of intellectual property

Key features

  • Biometric authentication
  • Investment contracts
  • Download files
  • Upload signed files
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Chatbot

Tech stacks we used

We employed various world-class technologies and frameworks to develop an innovative crowdfunding platform, including:


React Native


Calendly, Axios, Fresh chat


React Native & React


AsyncStorage With Redux

Tools & Utilities

Visual Studio Code, ESLint, React Navigation, NativeBase

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