Peerbits is glad to develop a foreign currency exchange app that assists swift, secure, and convenient exchange of all types of currencies. This app lists all the shops and centers that provide currency exchange services in the Hong Kong. All you need to do is fill the necessary information like the currency type, total amount, and the shop for currency exchange.

Additionally, in the application the user can view the updated exchange rate in real-time. The user can either book an appointment for today or reserve it for any other day in the future. Once the user books the appointment then a QR code is generated which needs to be presented at the exchange store. The QR code entails all the information of the user’s currency exchange appointment.


The Challenge

Exchanging currency anywhere is a challenge and this challenge becomes tougher when it comes to Hong Kong. Usually, the tourists in Hong Kong used to face this problem while exchanging the currency. Moreover, they had to go the store personally to check the availability of currency. And if the currency is unavailable then it resulted in the sheer loss of their time, money, and energy.

The Solution

To resolve the above challenge, we came up with an app which lists all the stores that have the required currency. This prevented the loss of time, money, and energy effectively. We also developed an algorithm which helped the admins to fill their commission amounts for various currency exchanges in such a way that it gets updated automatically with respect to the real-time exchange rate.

Key features

View buy & sell exchange rates

The exchange rates for various currencies change daily. On this app the user can view both buying and selling rates in real-time.

Book appointments in advance

This app allows user to book the appointment at the currency exchange store in advance. All you need to do is enter your date and time of arrival.

Bilingual app

This app is available in two languages which are English and Traditional Chinese. These languages are commonly used in Hong Kong.

QR code

The user receives a QR code once he/she reserves its appointment. The user has to simply provide the QR code at the exchange center to get the required currency

Earn loyalty points

The user receives loyalty points on each exchange which involves the Hong Kong Dollar currency. These loyalty points can be later redeemed in future exchanges.

Technology stack




Xcode, Visual studio



Crash Reporting


Network Request

Alamofire, Retrofit

Social SDK



The application received a lot of appreciation from the locals as well as the tourist as it resolved the issue of currency exchange.

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