Our esteemed client from Abu Dhabi wanted us to build an app for their Health & Fitness service. This service is exclusively for women. Our developers did their best to come up with a robust application that renders all our client’s requirements. The app holistically represents the Health & Fitness service. It includes all the facilities & features that would make an easy-to-access mobile app.

This app allows women to book different fitness classes straight from the app. Moreover, it allows them to join multiple classes too. The app notifies the user about the different events which are organised in the centre. The app also acts as a social platform where users can see profiles of different fitness instructors. Moreover, they can also upload pics, status, and videos on the application.


The Challenge

There were numerous challenges that we faced while building this app. Our client strictly wanted that their app shouldn’t have any objectionable or irrelevant content that would reduce the quality of app. So, we had to come up with an idea that would block all the objectionable content. Moreover, our client wanted that their user must be able to join multiple classes on a single subscription.

Our client wanted to provide extra plans on festivals as a bonus. And apart from that they also wanted to provide some free classes on some special occasions such as birthdays. It was quite a task to accomplish all these challenges. However, our developers came with the solutions to meet all the demands of the client.

The Solution

We solved all the challenges one by one. Firstly, we created an algorithm which eliminated all the objectionable/irrelevant content from the app. Hence, it resulted in increasing the quality of the content in the app. We also included packages which allow the user to attend multiple classes. For example, if a user wants to do aerobics on weekends and cardio on weekdays then it would be possible for her with these packages.

To integrate the concept of free classes we came up with reward points. In this the user can earn reward points by sharing the application with their friends & family. After they obtain a certain amount of points which they can redeem it later to get a free class. Secondly, we came up with the feature of free classes on every user’s birthday and some special events which the admin would decide.

Key features

Choose your classes

In this feature the users can view all kind of fitness classes available. She can either choose one type of class or can go with multiple classes. This will also allot a trainer for each user. The user can keep an eye for her class schedule in this feature. It will show the number of days that she has gone and the number of days which are remaining in the package.

Events notification

The fitness centre usually comes up with various events throughout the year. This feature notifies all the users regarding these different events. User can view and participate in these events if they like it. Moreover, it also shows notifications during various festivals and special occasions such as birthdays.


This feature helps the users to view their history. History here refers to the past records of their different classes. This feature helps the users to analyse their progress in accordance to their classes that they have taken.

Daily attendance

When you join the gym, attendance plays a huge role. You must know how regular you’ve been going to gym. This feature does exactly the same. It shows the user their daily attendance which gives them a crystal-clear idea about their workout schedule.


This feature gives this app a touch of a social networking platform. Users can upload and share their photos, videos, and statuses. Similarly, they can view activities of other users and the admin as well.

Instructor’s details

The Fitness centre comprises several number of gym instructors. This feature assists the user to go through the profile of each instructor. The profile consists of all the essential details which would help the user to compare and select her trainer.

Free classes

This is a bonus feature as it gives all the users a chance to get a free class. However, there are a few provisions to get this free class. One of which is to earn some reward points by referring the app to your friends & family. Once you collect the specific amount of points then you can redeem it to avail your free class.

Technology stack

We have utilized a number of cutting-edge technologies and tools for the successful completion of this project. Some of the tools and technologies used by us mentioned below:


Swift, Java


Xcode, Visual studio

Crash Reporting


Network Request

Alamofire, Retrofit

Image caching


Social SDK



The app received a huge response from the locals which resulted in mass enrolment of customers in the client’s fitness centre.

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