Project Description

Match your trading ambitions




The website helps you reach your trading ambitions. A new user is presented with a challenge wherein he has to reach a threshold profit mark. There is no time limit over when he must reach the threshold mark, provided he doesn’t exceed the daily loss limit.

The higher the net profit a user makes, the greater the share of total profit he takes home. The dashboard displays everything from a user’s account balance to loss and profit. He can see the profit-loss graph and leaderboard.



To displaying trading stats from 3rd Party Trading platform

To use the same account switching from virtual scripts to actual scripts

Visual Design


To make way for an intuitive trading web platform, we wanted the web elements, forms, and buttons to mingle with a perfect blue-on-white theme. The blue color also acts as a great motivator and drawer of positive energy.

After all, trading is quite a stressful job. Any other color would have looked washed out, uncoordinated, yet aggravating. The dashboard carries the same color hues.



We used intelligent code effectively read trade reports and structured different graphical stats as required on the dashboard

We used similar coding standards, communicated with 3rd party Trading platform to allow trading

Interactive Dashboard

The interactive dashboard is the first thing you’ll notice when you start trading. It has all the necessary information you need.

Virtual Trading

Start with a free trial, learn the art, practice and practice more until you’re confident to enter the real-world scenario.

Account Migration

When your confident of your trading skills and can demonstrate them in the form of higher profits, you can enter account migration.

Subscribe to Plans

Once you’re on-board, you can pick from the number of plans available on the trading platform depending upon expertise.

Online Payment

When you buy a new package or trading credits, you can do that with the payment method of your choice in seconds.

Recurring Payment

When you subscribe to a plan, you can opt for our auto-debit scheme wherein the subscription amount is deducted timely.

Technology Stack



C# mvc
Framework MVC 5

visual studio

Visual studio

ms sql server

MS SQL Server 2016

Payment getway


Third party API

Rithmic trading API



The website became a source of inspiration for many naïve traders who thought trading isn’t their cup of tea. With practice and constant guidance they learnt the perks and nuances of trading, emerged as successful traders and inspired many others on the path.

Work speaks louder than words