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Project Description


Blue Check

Android iOS United Kingdom

Bluecheck is an app for Android and iOS that calculates your BMI based on the information you input at the time of registration, lets you monitor several of your health parameters, and on your consent, shares the data with your doctor or pharmacist. To calculate your health parameters, Bluecheck acts as a Bluetooth® LE host and connects with external BLE devices like a smart BP Monitor Machine

The Challenges & Solutions

  • Although BLE turned out to be a great way to pair a device with the phone, the connectivity was restricted to mere pairing as per BLE Protocols.
  • Onto our initial research, we could not find any library in iOS and Android that could plot BMI and BP data for our app.
  • Once we could make the devices sync with the app, the client insisted on live syncing. We were just out of fixing a sync issue, now the client wants the devices to sync in real time.
  • We ordered the device’s SDK. Once we had the SDK, all we had to do was adding the device ID, then molding the data sets in adherence with BLE Protocols. BLE Protocols were available in the manual.
  • We had to resort to custom charting and manual plotting of raw BMI data, which took a considerable amount of our development time. We repeated the same activities to draw BP graphs
  • Live syncing is not a big deal if the SDK of the syncing device supports it. However, that wasn’t the case with the SDK we got. We did an extensive SDK tear down but there was no way we could add it.

10 People

Team Size

20 Weeks

Project Duration

Technology Stack


Wireframe tool

Android Studio


Adobe Photoshop



Backend development

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