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Peerbits is delighted to share our latest achievement in the form of a COVID-19 tracker app. Peerbits successfully delivered a COVID-19 tracker app to our clients in partnership with the Physicians and the information provided by the WHO and CDC. It’s a simple and engaging app which helps the users to keep a track of their COVID-19 symptoms. This app also helps health officials and hospitals to monitor the COVID-19 trend in the community.

This trend or data related to COVID-19 helps them to take appropriate and meaningful measures to contain the spread of the virus.

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The Challenge

We faced multiple challenges in the journey of developing this application. The first challenge was to ensure the correct flow of AI-based COVID-19 questions. We had to ensure that questions asked to the users were in proper order and in accordance with the user’s responses.

Another challenge was to integrate the feature of a group calling among doctor, patient, and family members. Additionally, we also had to ensure that the user always receives the notifications for the video call request.

The Solution

We overcame the first challenge by managing various controls and UI depending upon AI-based questions via API responses such as document attach answers, multi-option answers, text fields, date-picker answers, multiple-image upload answers, etc.

Key features

Group video calling

This feature enables patients and their family member to communicate with the doctors via a group video call.

Chat messages

With this feature, doctors can chat with their patients while they are on a group video call with them.


This feature enables doctors to add notes where they can mention all the important information pertaining to the patient’s health. They can also revisit these notes at any time.

AI-based questions

The user is asked a series of questions related to his health and COVID-19 symptoms. All the responses are recorded and further AI-based questions are asked as per their responses.

QR code

Once the user records all his responses, a QR code is generated at the end. Hospitals and doctors can scan this QR to understand the user’s health and COVID-19 symptoms status.

Patient’s vital dashboard

This feature enables doctors to track all their patient’s vitals and COVID-19 symptoms status along with dates.

Technology stack
that we used in this project

We have used a plethora of cutting-edge tools and technologies to successfully complete this project. Some of the tools & technologies used are mentioned below:


Swift, Angular



Network Request


Crash Reports


Image caching


Coding architecture






Get Health data

Apple Health kit

Video call

Tok Box

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