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Native iOS app designed to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers. The patients can monitor their health on a regular basis and stay updated with their health vitals. The patients and their caregivers can measure their blood pressure, glucose levels, weight, and other vitals using medical devices with BLE options. It allows the users to connect devices like pulse oximeters, weighing machines, blood pressure, and more using Bluetooth and get all the results on their mobile phones. Users can share their data with the doctors and chat or talk to the doctors.

The Challenges

  • Collect the mobile phones with medical devices to fetch live real-time data from the device and display it on the app.
  • Video call between patients and doctors.
  • Maintain connection throughout the audio or video call.

The Solution

  • We created an iOS app using BLE technology that can establish a smooth connection between the app and devices to track the patients’ health.
  • Medical devices could communicate with the mobile devices via BLE protocol to generate the patients’ vitals and send it to their phones.
  • We also built and integrated smart APIs to allow the patients to send their data to the doctors. Patients can send the selected information of the health problems they are facing without sending the old data.
  • We also customized Jitsi Meet and did a complete setup of the web book. We also added the option to allow audio and video calls between patients and healthcare providers.

Key features

  • Patients can connect the medical devices with their phone and get measurement of their health status in terms of various parameters.

  • Patients are able to see the previously recorded vitals.

  • They can share the collected data with the doctors via app through BLE or manually.

  • Patients can chat via audio or make video calls to the doctors and get assistance.

  • They can share their location with the healthcare providers, if needed.

  • Patients can call on the emergency number mentioned in the application and avail real-time treatment.


  • Increased patient engagement
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction

Tech stacks we used

Programming language

Swift, Objective-C

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)


Architectural Patterns


Interface Builder

XIBs and Storyboards


URLSession or Alamofire

Data Persistence


Dependency Management

CocoaPods or Swift Package Manager

Unit Testing

XCTest & OCMockito

Version Control


Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Xcode Server

Analytics and Crash Reporting

Google Analytics, Crashlytics

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