Webidoo store is the first tech experience store in Europe. A customer can rent the best hi-tech products dedicated to fitness, home, sustainable mobility and much more. Webidoo store is both a physical store located in Milan and an online store, where the future is at home.

With webidoo store, a new way of living the product experience is born - The business model is dual where a customer can either simply rent the product and return, buy directly or rent and experience the benefits and then make a purchase. Webidoo guarantees the renting of quality products with easy & safety process.

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The Challenge

Automate the document collection process

The client did not have any mechanism to speed up the document collection process that could allow the customers to easily upload the documents, submit them and get a quick response of the approval or denial.

Increase the security level of customer verification

There was no secure KYC process on the platform. There were high chances of getting dummy profiles in the submission. The client wanted a secure solution to prevent fraudulent document submissions.

Enhance the performance of the entire eCommerce platform

The client's website was heavily loaded with unwanted plugins, unoptimized images and contents, and poor UI/UX. He wanted us to fix the issues and make the performance of the site good enough that can attract maximum users.

Auto update the customer with tracking code

The client had a 3-way process to update the customer with the product tracking code. He wanted to automate the process and give the tracking code to the customers right at the time of product purchase so that customers can track their product status.

Eliminate the dependency of the developer

The client was depended on the developer to change any image on the website. He wanted a solution where he can make changes in the product images or banner advertisements directly from the admin panel.

The Solution

Document collection made automated

Our developers integrated an API and created an intelligent mechanism that allows our client to collect the customer's documents faster. Customers can now directly upload and submit the documents within the app with a few clicks.

The top-class customer verification process

We integrated AMLEXA API. It adds an extra layer of security that prevents from getting any dummy user. It asks customers to take a selfie which gets verified at the backed with the documents uploaded earlier and gives a matching ratio. If the photo matching ratio is 70% or more, it is counted as genuine and allows the user to process and stop if it's less or did not verify.

Standard performance of the eCommerce platform

Removed unwanted plugins that were a burden on the website, improved the UX by implementing the best UI/UX practices and made sure the interface is intuitive and human-centric. Also, optimized the images without compromising the quality to enhance the performance and make sure the site loads fast.

Real-time tracking code push notification

Our developer killed the 3-way manual process by integrating the powerful and trusted 3rd party API. Now customers do not have to wait for a call to get a tracking code. They get the tracking code as a push notification right after making the purchase.

Killed the developer’s dependency

We designed a unique feature and turned it into a button form. Our client can now add, change or replace the image anytime he wants. He can also manage advertisements on the banner page showing a stripe at any corner he wants, set a time, and start and end date. The entire process runs automatically once set with human interaction. There is no need to rely on any developer now.

Key features

Try and Buy

The customer can first try a product by renting it. If the customer likes the product, he/she has the option to buy the same with a different amount.

Apply coupon

This feature allows customers to rent or purchase a product by applying a discount coupon. Discount coupons are more entertained during festival seasons.

Secure payment

Whether customers are willing to rent or buy a product, they get multiple with the 100% secure payment option like PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, & more.

Rent, return, or buy

This feature allows customers to rent, return or buy the product. It's a flexible retail platform that empowers customers to decide on their choice.

Buy at your choice

Customers can buy the product they have rented in the past. They can ask the shop owner to deliver them the same brand of product but new.

Offline like online experience

The user interface of the website gives an exceptionally stunning user experience. Customers feel like they are in an offline store.

Technology stacks we employed to a next-gen eCommerce platform

In the journey of making this next-gen eCommerce platform, we have employed various cutting-edge technologies and frameworks. Some of those technologies and tools are:











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