Business not only saves time, but also few extra pennies, once you evanish the gap through direct contact.


A Story Behind

Nothing chucks through out of the blues, everything has a saga behind. This story revolves behind the need to bridge the gap (created by mediators) between manufacturers and retailers. The ideology primarily has been to cut the unnecessary cost and time, and create a better bond through direct communication.

Building the plot

Brilliance is a skill which can be attained through efforts. Keeping the same in mind, the team started to prepare the wireframe for the application. The primary focus here was to make it viable for both, manufacturer and retailer.


Bringing it together

The time came to bring all the products at one place. The designers and code-junkies here, gave utmost attention to the arrangement of these..

Different sections were integrated into the interface to bring the best user experience for both; manufacturer and retailer. Also we took intense care from the design perspective.


Not to miss anything

With the massive list of products to be integrated, the team was required to add the option to search products. This will help the user to surpass the long list of items and have a look at only those, he is interested in.

Apart from this, so as to keep the purchase smoother, they added the option to mark products as favorites. With this they can reconsider the product anytime they wish, without wasting time to find them again.


Shopping Cart

The cart keeps all the shortlisted products together, with the respective price and discount availed. It also allows you to add or remove any particular item/quantity before the final payment.


Track Order

To keep the bond intact, the team included the option to track the order. The inclusion empowers the user to keep a check on the process after he made the order. This will include packing, getting dispatched, shipping, and delivery. The interface also shares the estimated date of product delivery.

Apart from these, the application also allows you to cancel the order any time before delivery, if you find it getting delayed.


The Result

The M2R application has been launched successfully in the market and is getting commendable eyeballs on the Google play store and Apple app store. Adorned with unmatched reviews, the application indeed proved the efforts made by the entire team.


Technology Stack

Volley, Glide/SDWebImage

Networking, Image Caching



SQLite/Core Data

Data Storage


Payment Gateway

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