Project Description

Jewlot Logo WhiteJewlot Responsive

Peerbits provided quality work, Their project management and design were done well according to the requirement.

Ganesh & Barath

Jewlot Owner

The rich layers of thoughts that went behind the logo aesthetics

Jewlot Logo Aesthetics

Elegant designs that connects technology and traditions

Jewlot Web

The web to initiate the task

The website’s home screen is designed to portray the elegance and splendor of jewelry business that is running since long by their forefather.

Our UX designers didn’t leave any stone unturned to portray the gleam of the Jewels it hides. After all, the aim was to amalgamate tradition with technology.

Jewlot Category

Wide range of options to choose from

Every occasion speaks for itself and we believe so does the jewels. To get the same essence, we made sure that user have a wide range of categories to choose the best ornament, depending on the occasion it is meant for.

Jewlot Moments

Sub categories and filters to make shopping easy

Peerbits understands the value of time in lead conversion and thus doesn’t test user’s patience by making them scroll through the wide range of options. We have developed subcategories and also add filters to make customers’ shopping experience better.

Jewlot Product

One stop to finalize the purchase

Once a customer likes a product, website will allow them personalize it further by choosing the color, size, quantity, check availability/expected delivery, and to add product in bag.

Jewlot Checkout

Hustle free and secured checkout

The final stage will allow your customers to review their products and choose the payment mode, out of the various available options.

Jewlot Logo

Compact access and uncompromised features On-the-go for iOS and Android users

Jewlot Category
Jewlot Filter

Save your customer’s time, it’s all at one place

The application enables users to choose out of ‘n’ number of options like, price, color, size, category, etc. Various filters make the shopping easy.

Jewlot Product

Continue shopping by adding products to the bag

Your customer can easily add the products to bag, and continue the shopping experience. The feature allows them to avoid unnecessary wastage of time.

Jewlot Shopping Bag

Review the entire products and pricing

Before your customer check out, the window is designed in a way that they can have a look at the list of products they purchased, size and color, and the amount levied.

Technology Stack



Programming Language


Django Web Framework

Web Framework

Facebook SDK

Facebook Google SDK


Amazon Server

Amazon Web Server









Crash reporting system


Butterknife inject tool

Third party libs (OpenSource)