Food & Drink app that connects socially and share recipes globally with food lovers

Desperate to relish the worldwide recipes? Where to find them all at one place? Can you combine it with the social networking concept?

Our answer is “Frimb”.


Desperate to relish the worldwide recipes? Where to find them all at one place? Can you combine it with the social networking concept?

From rough wireframe to fullproof design


We start by filling up the loopholes in the form of interface elements and components positioning them in our organized wireframes.Once we get an approval from our clients, we start working on the wireframes for bringing the entire interface and experience to real life.

Let even others relish your recipe


Post recipe

From your user profile write down and post your own food creations to be seen by millions of global users.

Add ingredients

Float across a list of all the ingredients required to complete your recipe and followed by others.

Add steps

Display a step-by-step procedure of how ingredients should be used to prepare the recipe.

Find out what you want to eat



Discover recipes by category to find out the required dishes with necessary ingredients and steps.


Find out which recipes are trending along with the necessary details to have a taste of popular ones.

Suggested people

Get suggestions for people whom to follow, based on your likings, searches, and already followed people.

Tweak pictures

You can edit the images you post or even the already existing images by enhancing them. Use inbuilt filters for effects to let the images appear different; adjust brightness to make image more impactful; and even change orientation to switch between portrait and landscape modes.

Extend your network through food sharing



Discover all those people whom you are following based on common interests.


Find out who all are following you after seeing the recipes that you have posted.


Get notified when someone follows you, liked your recipe, or favorite your recipe.

Make yourself look an awesome food expert

Set profile

Create your own user profile by setting photo, a brief introduction, username, location, and profile pic. Let other users know how many recipes you have posted, which recipes have been marked favorites by you, how many of them you follow, and how many people are following you.


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