With more buyers seeking products they want to buy online, one of our clients took it as an opportunity. The client wanted to create a marketplace to sell products of domestic needs, except he wanted the marketplace to be app-only—a set of apps for both sellers and buyers.

It did not turn out that simple. After all there are countless such marketplaces on the respective app stores. We added social features to the buyers’ application, connecting users to let them explore their friends’ activities: their cart, products-following and liked products.


The Challenge

A trivial the customers faced while trying to buy products from different countries in their local shops.

Buyers have to visit stores even to just view the product.

Also, sellers are unable to attract too many visitor at their shop without any marketing.

Visual Design

Being a marketplace app targeting home buyers, we wanted the app to be as subtle as possible. We stuck with primary colors most of the time with shades of grey here and there

The Solution

Gave buyers a perfect online Portal to explore products from any country and opt to buy them and get it delievered at their doorsteps.

Buyer is given the feasibilty to purchase products from different sellers in the same cart.

Buyer can also connect to their friends in the app to explore their choices on the go.

Buyer can also text with seller related to any product of their store.

Seller given the platform to list their products to get instant views from buyer without any visit.

Key features


Add products with multiple attributes such as colors and sizes so that the seller doesn’t have to list duplicate products.

Push Notification

Sellers with too many products tend to forget where their inventory is going. The app sends them a push notification when stock runs low.


Sellers can manage their orders from within the app. They can check how many orders reached customers and how many in transit.


Buyers can explore products to categories or pick from a curated list of handpicked products in Featured and Editor’s Pick.


Buying doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why we insisted on a smooth, intuitive shopping experience with the app.


Not every customer has a plastic card or paypal to make digital payments. Thus, we put offline payment too on the buyers’ app.

Social Buying

To make online buying social, we give option to our customers to make friends and explore their Wishlist and liked products

Technology stack




Xcode, Android Studio

Library Dependency

Fabric, Cocoapods

Payment Gateway


Network request


Social SDK

Facebook, Google, Twitter


The app gave users a perspective on how social online shopping too could be. The social buying option created a niche of users called online social buyers. Many online marketplaces introduced social buying with mixed success.

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