Peerbits is extremely happy to share its recent success story of building a custom m-Commerce platform that is solving the billion-dollar problem of easy & faster checkout, a customer loyalty program, & deeper analytics into buyer behavior. Aimed at bringing the future of single and multi-merchant shopping apps – It is a single and multi-merchant shopping app that supports both products and services. It allows vendors to sell their products as well as services on a single platform. There are a total of 4 platforms serving 4 different needs of the customers.

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The Challenge

Transferring order details

The client already had the app made in Angular. The app was having order details that he wanted to be transferred into the new mobile application without losing any data. It was the need of the client to have all data transferred from the angular app to the mobile app.

Integrate printers for single and multiple orders receipts

The client's vision was to automate the process and provide extensive modern service to the users. To make this possible, he wanted us to integrate Bluetooth printer devices of his choice so that printouts of single and multiple orders receipts can easily be taken out with a single tap on a desktop or mobile.

Create a subdomain without registering to Godaddy

This is the most challenging and unique concept we came across. Here, the client wanted us to create a platform that gives power to the admin to create as many subdomains as he wants from the backend for new stores without registering in Godaddy and enables the site to use it.

Integrate Apple pay & G-pay and provide multiple payment options

As the vision was big, the demand for providing payment options was big too. The long list includes, pay via cash, coupons, card, online payment, Apple pay & G-pay. The client wanted us to integrate Apple pay and G-pay to allow its customers to have an easy checkout experience by paying in seconds using their choice of payment option.

The Solution

Successfully transformed order details

Together with the customer, Peerbits chose Firebase deep link as a tool to transform complete order details from the angular app to the new mobile application making sure none of the single order detail is missed. Our expert leveraged their years of experience, the potential of the tool, & applied a standard practice to successfully resolve the order transferring issues.

Empowered the admin to create multiple subdomains

Our engineers took this challenge as an opportunity and have created a wildcard subdomain to enable all the subdomains. We also created a smart API to validate domain names from the backend. This empowered admin to create a new store anytime they want, add a hostname in the retailer field, and access that domain with a specific retailer.

Enabled the software to print with a one-tap

To automate the billing process and give a modern user experience to the customers and store owners, our team of experts followed the best practices of integration. To enable the auto print option, we transferred the data into bytes using Shiny Bluetooth and added blank bytes to prevent any unwanted character print issues.

A multi payment enabled platform

Integrated multiple payment options in the platform. A client had custom requirements where some retailers only have apple pay and some G-pay. Our developers created a separate folder for Apple pay and G-pay retailers and created a new subdomain into GoDaddy. And then redirected the folder using a different port in AWS.

Key features

Scan items in-phone

Users can scan the item using the phone in the store, pay instant scanning the barcode without going to the storekeeper, and have a smooth and hassle-free exit.

On-table assistance

Customers can browse the restaurant's menu, select the item, order, pay & get served on the spot at the table.

Shop anywhere

This feature allows users to scan the QR codes available from displays or on advertisements, pay for the product then select whether they want to collect or have your items delivered.

Order online

Users have the option to order a product online & choose to collect or have the items delivered at their preferred location.

Instant dining access

This feature allows users to simply scan the table QR code, check the availability and get instant dining access.

Optional registration

This feature gives a fast user experience with optional registration as per retailer choice.

Unique individual identity

This feature enables the user to identify merchants' brands through the color scheme shown in the display.


Every user gets multiple payment options to pay for the product or service they bought or availed of.

The technology stack that we used
in making this project successful

In the journey of this unique project development, we have used various cutting-edge technologies and frameworks. Some of those technologies and tools are:

Cross Platform










Realtime notification


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