An ecommerce platform that allows user to explore different construction products. They have the option to buy them or add them to a Wishlist and buy them later. The user is presented with attractive offers on various products.

The user also can purchase gift certificate for their friends or relatives. The client had an existing OpenCart store. Creating an app out of the web store and APIs using the same backend, we made the App functional.


The Challenge

Not many ecommerce platforms cater to construction as the category. Developing compatible APIs of OpenCart for Construction category was quite a task. Moreover, we required more options for Filter and Sorting, which are unavailable in OpenCart Standard API.

The Solution

We had to find a workaround. Developing fresh APIs from scratch was a call for the worst-case scenario. The plan was to pull the data from the standard OpenCart API, customize the standard OpenCart API as per the above challenges, and if everything goes as per the plan integrate the APIs in the view part of the application architecture. Fortunately, everything went super smooth although it required playing some development hacks and plentiful tricks.

Key features

Native Apps

Cross-platform are a no-no if you want to deliver top notch shopping experience to your users. That’s why we opted for native apps

Push Notification

There are so many times you want to notify your users be it a new offer, an abandoned cart, discount on a shortlist product, etc.


Today’s customers expect support of every payment method be it Visa, or MasterCard, PayPal or the very popular Apple Pay


When a customer adds an item to the cart on the ecommerce website, he expects it to be available on the mobile app too


Loyal customers are a rarity these days. The ecommerce platform lets your customers earn rewards point every time they shop.


We live in a globalized world that speaks more languages than English. Every app must be available on more than one language.

Technology stack




Xcode, Visual studio

Crash Reporting


Library Dependency


Social SDK

Facebook, Google, Twitter

Network Request


Payment Gateway



This app played turned out to be a huge success for clients. It played a pivotal role in attracting many new students into the institute.