Project Description

Healthecare App Development

A cohesive solution to nursing activity

An exclusive schedule management app for nurses to keep track of their patient’s medicinal schedules and recovery time.


A unique technology interfaces for nursing departments that allow nurses to optimize their time effectively for patient’s speedy recovery. NurseAlert mobile app fosters nurses’ work lives by increasing their productivity to deliver better nursing services for patients.

The exclusivity of NurseAlert application lies in its strong penetration of activities in nurses’ daily tasks, right from calendaring patient schedules, communicating with nurse managers, and setting reminders. Keeping Patient’s care and nursing efficiency at the heart of this app, we developed NurseAlert for utilizing the power of mobile technology that delights nurses and improves patients’ health.

NurseAlert application features
that allow nurses to function efficiently


The need was to create a simple wireframing that allows a nurse with an easy interactive interface. Keeping UI in mind, our designers incorporated UX focused design to let nurse function effectively with the use of NurseAlert app.

Interactive features that make lives better.
For Nurses. For Patients.

Enhanced Patient management system

A cohesive patient-care focused UI that creates an enhanced patient management system for nurses to manage multiple patients on the go. Effective patient care is possible by keeping track of patient engagement schedules in a holistic manner.

NurseAlert lets nurse to edit, group, or remove patient tasks from the list upon completion. It allows the nurse to work as per the schedule for providing time care and attention to each patient.

Personalized patient care system

A personalized patient module that allows nurse to manage each patient individually. Setting pill notifications, assigning personalized care timing alarms, and easy task edits for patients gives a greater sense work clarity to nurse.

Helping nurse to track patient’s personal routines while staying organized and punctual in providing care on a timely basis.

Adding and editing new tasks

A cohesive UI that let nurse schedule their tasks while giving personal attention to each patient. With changes in medicinal schedules, nurse can add a new task to the calendar with a single tap, interactive screen.

The real-time task calendar is important for nurses to keep oneself updates with ongoing patient schedules as adding or editing is quickly reflected on the daily schedule immediately.

Syncing NurseAlert with multiple calendars

NurseAlert makes it easy for nurses to cope up with their work schedule at a glance. It is by syncing the application with third party personal calendar which results in keeping third party calendaring apps.

Social media calendars allow sharing the schedule with friends and family to keep their loved ones updated about day or night shifts with real-time notifications.

Delivering pathbreaking results

Many efforts went into making lives easier for the nurse and providing timely health care to patients. While creating NurseAlert we incorporated best possible technology stack and excessive human talent to deliver the best mobile application for nurses.

14600 lines of code

40+ screens drawn

1950 lines of code for iWatch

150 test cases executed

Work speaks louder than words