Peerbits is rejoiced to announce its latest success in the form of Buyzooka’s web extension. This extension makes the online shopping experience rich, simple, fast, and secure. With this extension in place, users can now buy different products from different eCommerce sites with ease and speed. Users only have to signup once using this extension and then Buyzooka automatically signups and logs in to various online stores.

Buyzooka also makes checkout and payments easy. It’s because now users don’t have to enter payment details again and again as Buyzooka can complete the process for them.

Expertise Delivered



Online Shopping

Team Members

3 Weeks

months to launch MVP

4 Months

months of ongoing project


The Challenge

There were multiple challenges that we faced during the development of this project. The first challenge that we faced was in the implementation of the checkout or buyout process. Here, we had to ensure that the user doesn’t see any activity done in the background.

Since there were many processes going out in the backend. We also faced the challenge to ensure smooth synchronization and communication between the backend and frontend processes.

Online stores and eCommerce websites send a lot of spam and promotional emails to the users. So, our clients wanted that no user should receive such emails except the emails which have order confirmation and other important details. So, this was again a challenge to filter our important emails from spam.

Another challenge we faced was of integrating React chrome extension on various third-party eCommerce websites.

The Solution

We solved the first challenge by implementing automation buyout with the help of Node js’ Puppeteer tool. Here we created a unique user with the help of the details filled by the actual user for the first time. After that, we used this unique user as a proxy for the entire process from signup to checkout.

To resolve the issue of email filtering we used email tunneling.

We resolved the second challenge by ensuring smooth communication between the backend and frontend with the help of socket.io.

We integrated React chrome extension with the various third-party eCommerce websites with the use of content script and background script.

Key features

Fewer logins

Users don’t need to signup and login for every eCommerce site they visit as Buyzooka signups for their behalf keeping their personal info protected.

Single cart for multiple eCommerce sites

Buyzooka makes the shopping experience simple and fast by enabling its users to add multiple products from multiple eCommerce sites into a single cart.

Global product search

Buyzooka also comes with a global product search where users can search for products category-wise across 1.5 million online stores.

View order history

This feature enables users to view all the details of their past orders. They can also view orders sorted by date and the shop.

Simplified checkout and payment

Buyzooka makes checkout and payment extremely simple by enabling its users to make payments of all different products of different stores at one click.

Secure payment process

Buyzooka comes with SSL checkout security which makes Buyzooka’s payment not only hassle-free but also extremely secure.

Technology stack
that we used in this project

In the journey of this project development, we utilized several cutting-edge tools and technologies. A few of these tools and technologies are mentioned below:


React, Node.JS


MySQL, MongoDB



Crash Reports




Automation Tools


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