Our Client is working to facilitate engagement between patients and Healthcare services providers to enable better patient outcomes. They approached us to create a Next-Gen health ecosystem that allows Remote Patient Monitoring.

Peerbits is delighted to share the latest achievement in the form of developing a brilliant Sami and Samicare app and platform for our Healthcare client. Our experts coordinated with cardiologists and doctors to build a patient-centric platform that bridges the gap between physician and patients communication.

SAMi enables clinics to provide better care to their chronic care patients and helps hospitals reduce readmissions.

SAMi Care enables care team members to monitor remotely the patients’ vitals, patient alerts, and follow-up with reminders.

Expertise Delivered




Team Members

8 Weeks

to launch MVP

24 Months

of ongoing development


The Challenge

Design a dynamic ChatBot

The client already had a ChatBot integrated into the platform and app but was not compatible. ChatBot was unable to interact with the patient properly and many times it was non-responsive which was indirectly damaging the fame of the company. And its incompatibility was becoming a reason for getting patients into critical situations by not providing appropriate advice on time. The client wanted us to re-design the chatbot, fix all bugs that it currently has and make it compatible and highly responsive.

Upgrading and integrating Bluetooth device SDK

With the allotment of new devices to the patients, the existing APIs were not connecting as it is only compatible with the old devices like BP Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, and Weight Scale. The client wanted us to make a new SDK for all the medical devices owned and assigned to patients, upgrade it with the latest version and integrate it that connects seamlessly with the app and communicates well to input accurate data of the patient.

Fixing the XMPP chat issue

XMPP chat box was not working as it should. There was a lack of communication gap between the patient and doctor though it is designed to bridge the gap. Messages were sometimes not delivered on time which resulted in poor treatment. The client wanted us to fix the chat issue.

Pie Chart integration

Doctors wanted an accurate detail of every patient in the form of a Pie Chart that helps patients understand and check their health status. The client wanted to give an easy-to-understand user interface and health status and wanted us to integrate Pie Chart.

The Solution

Redesigned and re-implemented the dynamic chatbot

Our developers leveraged their experience and expertise in redesigning a chatbot and delivered a highly user-centric chatbot with zero bugs. There were several lacks in design and integration. In addition, the design was a bit old that was not as attractive and easy to understand for patients. We created aesthetic and latest designs using powerful designing tools and added several types of images, signatures, and uploaded them to the conversation page.

XMPP-based chat box is not working fine

There were some discrepancies in the XMPP port for all the applications like a portal, iOS app, and android apps. The port was not communicating well with each of the platforms hence, we make it similar for all the platforms to get the messages transit properly from XMPP. Now the chat box is working fine and both the parties are able to receive all the messages from XMPP in the application without any disruption.

Integrated upgraded Bluetooth SDK

We first upgraded the API from 28 to 30 in the platform as it was mandatory to have an API level of at least 30. After upgrading the API, we migrated all the existing libraries to the latest version making sure none of the data is missed or lost. We also solved the Bluetooth device pairing issues by upgrading Bluetooth to its latest version and making it compatible with the latest version.

Successfully integrated Pie Chart

Automated all the entries and communication flow. Made the user interface easy to understand and presented in the graph form by leveraging the potential of MPChart. We integrated the MPChart into the system by making a few custom changes as per the project requirement and made it compatible to assure it works fine and communicates without any interruption.

Key features

RASA AI-based ChatBot integration

This smart AI-based chatbot allows patients to chat and communicate faster than manual and legacy chatbots. It gives optimum answers to the patient's query on time.

Vitals Measurements

This feature allows the patient to connect Bluetooth devices like BP Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, and Weight Scale, record the results in the app and share them with the doctor.

XMPP Based chat

Patients & Doctors both can chat with each other 24/7 using this XMPP-based chatbox. The patient can avail the benefit of getting quick assistance.

Graphical representation of Vitals records

This feature displays the vital records of the patients both in the graphical form that helps understand what state they are in.

Patient Alert

View all alert types of patients from Dashboard like Green, Yellow, Red, and Non-Compliant patients.

Change Status manually

With this feature in the app, the patient can change their health status pre-defined by the doctors in the software from the screen itself.

Group video calling

This feature group video call enables patients and their family members to communicate with the doctors.

QR code

Once the user records all his responses, a QR code is generated at the end. Hospitals and doctors can scan this QR to understand the user’s health and COVID-19 symptoms status.

The technology stack that we used
in making this project successful

In the journey of this unique project development, we have used various cutting-edge technologies and frameworks. Some of those technologies and tools are:


Swift, Angular





Network Request


Crash Reports


Image caching


Coding architecture




Get Health data

Apple Health kit

Video call

Tok Box

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