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The app bridges the gap between healthcare providers and patients by offering remote patient monitoring. The app is developed in partnership with cardiologists and technologists. The app helps the doctors and care providers monitor the patient’s vitals and health conditions.

The Challenges

  • Dynamic ChatBot design and solving bugs in the implementation.
  • Bluetooth device SDK integration having issues while upgrading the API version to the latest one.
  • XMPP chat issues did not get messages sometimes.
  • Integrating Bluetooth devices SDK in the existing application.
  • Pie Chart integration for Dashboard page as new type of patient group had been introduced
  • SIP Calling, From Portal to Patient Phone

The Solution

  • We created an easy to use Remote patient monitoring app to allow the patients to chat with doctors and vice versa.
  • We enhanced the UI part in the chatbot screen. We also added different images and uploaded signatures on the conversation page.
  • Our team made it easy for the users to receive all the messages from XMPP in the app.
  • Our team implemented a pie chart in the application to introduce a “Non-Compliant” type of section.
  • The app is capable of providing third-party vendor bluetooth devices that come with its standalone SDKs.
  • We have used the Vonage library to connect with patient phones via portal.
  • We migrated all the existing libraries using the latest APIs. After the migration, the Bluetooth devices had some pairing issues. We debugged the issue in real devices and also resolved the pairing issues in the latest versions of the application.

Key features

  • Dynamic Chatbot for patients based on the entry of vitals.

  • RASA Chatbot integration for faster AI based chat integration for particular clinics.

  • Measurement of vitals with the help of Bluetooth devices like BP monitoring, pulse oximeter, and weighing scale.

  • Patients can chat with doctors with XMPP based chat and even doctors can chat with patients.

  • Graphical representation of Vitals records is available with pie charts.

  • Users can choose specific care plans to record the vitals on a daily basis.

  • Bluetooth device connection to fetch the vitals readings.


  • Increased patient engagement
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Easy collaboration between doctors and patients

Tech stacks we used


Swift, Angular





Network Request


Crash Reports


Image caching


Coding architecture




Get Health data

Apple Health kit

Video call

Tok Box

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