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Sustain your cloud environment with ease from our managed cloud services. We provide continuous monitoring, updates, and support to make sure your cloud environment fulfills all its functions & provides cloud solutions that always keep your business hip & high!

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Maintain your clouds with utmost control & precision with our cloud managed services. We carefully assess, analyze, monitor, maintain, and audit your cloud systems to offer the most cost-effective, scalable & ideal solution based on your changing business demands.

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Monitoring service

We provide , real-time tracking of your cloud environments. We also set up and configure based on our expertise in resource usage, application performance, and security events to alert you for any disruptions guaranteeing prompt action and preventing downtime or security breaches.

Server maintenance

We handle security patches, software updates, and routine backups with our server maintenance expertise. We make your servers run smoothly and securely avoiding any potential failures.

Server audit

Our cloud management experts evaluate your server infrastructure to ensure compliance with industry standards & practices. Our audit identifies security vulnerabilities, performance lacking, configuration issues, and regulatory compliance for precise recommendations of improvements.

Cost analysis & optimization

We analyze your cloud usage and spending patterns to figure out the best cost-saving opportunities. Our experts also check for resource allocation, detect underutilized resources, and recommend strategies that can maximize ROI, while ripping out unnecessary expenses.

Performance efficiency and reliability

Your cloud won’t be left on its own even though it is majorly automated! We focus on tuning application performance and implementing best practices making sure your cloud environment handles varying workloads efficiently and meets required service levels.


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Frequently asked questions

At Peerbits, our cloud managed services provide complete monitoring, auditing, utilization reporting, and day-to-day server management. Our team ensures your cloud infrastructure operates smoothly and efficiently, while tackling sudden issues immediately.

Peerbit’s auditing services involve regular reviews of your cloud infrastructure to ensure compliance with best practices and industry standards. We also assess security configurations, resource allocation, and overall performance to maintain optimal efficiency in our cloud managed services.

We provide in-depth utilization reports that cover various aspects of your cloud infrastructure, such as resource consumption, performance metrics, and cost analysis. These reports help you understand how your resources are being used and identify areas for optimization.

We implement strict security measures, including regular security audits, real-time threat monitoring, and adherence to industry best practices. Our team actively addresses vulnerabilities and ensures your data is protected at all times.

Yes, our utilization reports and ongoing monitoring allow us to identify cost-saving opportunities. We also analyze your resource usage patterns and recommend adjustments to optimize your cloud spending without compromising performance.

Yes, we offer support for various cloud platforms, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Our team is experienced in managing multi-cloud environments and can cutomise our services to meet your specific needs.

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