HIPAA-compliant patient engagement software development

With 12+ years of experience building software for the healthcare industry, our experts create custom patient engagement software solutions to enable healthcare organizations to provide personalized patient experiences for efficient and effective treatment.

  • HIPAA-compliant PE software development
  • 12+ years of experience in healthcare
  • Uncompromised quality with on-time delivery
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Patient engagement software development services we offer

We do not just build single software but a various niche-based solution that handles numerous patient engagement challenges for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare systems.

We develop fully customized, secure, and intuitive web-based patient portals that connect with multiple EHR and PBM systems for a coordinated patient communication framework.

Our experts integrate EHR to facilitate better communication between healthcare providers and patients. We make managing, sharing, and accessing information easier to support informed decision-making for better patient care.

At peerbits, we develop highly customizable patient engagement apps to automate operations, streamline healthcare processes and meet your customers' specific needs and requirements across multiple touch points.

Build your smart caregiver’s engagement panel or portal with our experienced developers and access patient information while ensuring optimal care provision. The software helps you schedule appointments and strengthen the support network for patients.

Our app developers expert in healthcare helps you build mHealth solutions that allow patients to book appointments, access health records, and communicate with healthcare providers without visiting in person.

We develop wearable solutions for devices like smartwatches and more so healthcare providers can monitor patients continuously and provide real-time feedback while ensuring safety, accessibility, and high quality.

Patient engagement software development capabilities

Patient onboarding

Easy appointment scheduling

Wearables connectivity and vital tracking

Personalized care programs

Medication alerts and notifications


Easy and secure doctor-patient communication

Easy-to-use patient dashboard

User-friendly and responsive patient mobile app

Automated billing

Feedback and survey

Overall benefits of patient engagement software solution

Real life example of patient engagement software delivered by Peerbits

Identify how our experts solved business challenges leveraging technology by reading case studies.

Healthcare & Fitness ,

Native iOS app to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers

This is a native iOS app that helps to bridge the gap between the patients and healthcare providers. Patients can monitor their health on a regular basis and share the data with the doctors and healthcare professionals.


Healthcare & Fitness ,

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) app

Remote patient monitoring app helps to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers. It tracks the vitals of the patients and sends it to the doctors.


Healthcare & Fitness ,

Tracking COVID-19 symptoms become easy

The application lets you self-assess, track COVID-19 symptoms and communicate with doctors via video calls and chats.

  • Expertise Delivered : Frontend , Backend , Scrum
  • of ongoing development : 10
  • Team Members : 3

Financial benefits Patient Engagement software ensures

Why choose Peerbits for patient engagement software development services


Years of experience


Skilled talent


Project delivered


Client satisfaction rate


Clients in countries

Experienced team

We are backed up with a team of experts and skilled professionals to cater to diverse remote patient monitoring solutions.

Customized solutions

At Peerbits, we provide tailored and scalable solutions to help you meet your unique business requirements.

Agile methodologies

We follow Agile methodologies to make sure that the product matches your exact requirements and business goals.

User-friendly interface

We deliver user-friendly remote monitoring solutions that are easy to use for patients and healthcare providers.

Exceptional support

We provide round-the-clock support and assistance to our clients to ensure that they do not face any problems.

Compliance with industry standards

Our team ensures that the RPM solutions we deliver are compliant with the latest industry standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, and others.

Our client testimonials

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After a rigorous selection process choosing Peerbits as our technology partner was the right choice. Peerbits is an innovative company with a team of talented, committed, and smart individuals. Thank you for helping us deliver world-class healthcare solutions. Good job.


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Frequently asked questions

The patient engagement software is a tool to help you connect with your patient in a whole new way. With this software solution, you can;

  • Communicate with patients
  • Schedule appointments
  • Check health progress
  • Provide educational resources
  • Manage patient-provider relationships and more

The advantages of patient engagement software are endless. It can make your life easier by keeping your patients engaged and involved in their healthcare.

  • Reduces missed appointments
  • Improves health outcomes
  • Streamlines your admin tasks

Moreover, the solution also helps you to make some extra cash with cool features like virtual consultations

Absolutely! You can easily integrate any third-party software with the patient engagement software our experts will build.

    Whether you want to integrate with your EMR system, billing software, or even that funky new health app you heard about, we've got you covered. It's all about making your life easier.

    Problems that patient engagement software solves are:

    • Reducing missed appointments
    • Health information management
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Patient-doctor communication
    • Improving health outcomes
    • Simplifying your admin tasks
    • Support remote patient monitoring
    • Provide valuable insights about patient behavior and more

    Furthermore, it even helps you make some extra cash with cool features like virtual consultations. It's basically a superhero in digital form.

    There are usually two major types of patient engagement software in terms of accessibility:

    • Cloud-based software that is hosted on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.
    • On-premises software that is installed on your own servers.

    Healthcare organizations of all sizes can benefit from patient engagement software. Whether it's a tiny clinic or a huge hospital, it’s like a Swiss army knife of healthcare.

    The patient engagement software that we will develop will be as secure for your data as Fort Knox. It will be guarded by encryption technology and strict access control.

    The cost of patient engagement software development can vary depending on your specific needs and requirements. Rest assured, we'll work with you to come up with a solution that fits your budget and gives you the most value for every penny you spend. After all, it's all about helping you succeed!

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