Remote patient monitoring software development

We develop an advanced remote patient monitoring software that enables medical staff (doctors, nurses, physicians, etc.) to track patients’ vitals and overall health status via smart medical devices.

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Benefits of remote patient monitoring solutions

Apart from the digital solution, you get a key that will open the door to every problem related to remote patient monitoring.


Easy assistance to medical assistance

Patients can connect with their doctors from anywhere without the need to visit the hospital or doctor in person. Doctors can give more time to treat critical patients.


Increase patient engagement

Patients receive timely reminders about their health and treatment plans. This keeps them stay connected with their doctor and care team round the clock.


Detect health issues early

From rising concern to preliminary diagnosis to post-discharge recovery to quick recovery, the RPM software helps patients manage health status without fail.


Optimum utilization of medical resources

The RPM software reduces expenses like hospital stays for less critical patients and enables healthcare providers to effectively utilize medical resources.

Key features of remote patient monitoring solution

At Peerbits, our RPM software development experts help you build RPM tailored to your healthcare organization's priorities. Check out some of the common features and functionalities required by healthcare organizations.


Track patient health and lifestyle in real-time

  • The software seamlessly collects patients' vital signs from various medical devices. This acts as an early warning system for potential health issues or chronic disease management.
  • Patients can control their well-being by chronicling every symptom, from shivers to nausea and abnormal thirst. This allows healthcare providers to swiftly address any issues.
  • Discover causes of symptoms with lifestyle & activity logs. Get tailored treatment plans for your well-being.
  • Gain peace of mind with meticulous medication logging. Let your provider make informed decisions for your treatment.
  • Get advanced AI chatbots for tailored patient interviews, providing valuable data to your care team for optimal treatment.

Smart RPM data analytics and reporting

  • Gives detailed reports and information about patient vitals.
  • Doctors can keep track of patients' health numbers against set standards. It helps doctors prioritize care.
  • Send an alert to the physician or doctor's phone if patient health numbers are not normal.
  • Notice patterns in patients' symptoms, like side effects from meds or how the illness is changing.
  • Helpful in getting automated reports on patient health trends and any weird things that happen. It helps doctors to make informed decisions.
  • Doctors and patients can see patient health history and real-time stats in one place, making it easy to understand.

IoT-based monitoring of RPM devices

  • Seamless integration with a wide range of remote patient monitoring devices.
  • Early detection of unusual activity patterns or potential hardware failures
  • Send immediate alerts to patients and medical staff on device failure and ensure continuity of care
  • User-friendly interface for configuring and customizing RPM parameters

Seamless communication between physical and patient

  • Remote consultations for patients with chronic conditions to review patient health data and make care plan adjustments.
  • Secure messaging platform for non-urgent consultations

Securing patient data

  • Seamless integration of EHR/EMR records with wearable-tracked data.
  • Strict compliance with HIPAA and FDA for superior patient data protection.
  • Smart authentication feature for multi-users.

Accessibility feature for impaired patients

  • In-built text-to-speech feature for visually impaired patients to easily understand the app.
  • Voice control for patients struggling with seeing or moving hands. They can control the app with their voice.
  • Users with vision issues can increase the text size and make colors more contrast of the app

Factors that determine the success of RPM software solutions.

Backed by 12+ years of experience in developing software solutions for the healthcare industry, Peerbits detects critical factors dominating the success of RPM software, impacting adoption rates and ROI.

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This is a native iOS app that helps to bridge the gap between the patients and healthcare providers. Patients can monitor their health on a regular basis and share the data with the doctors and healthcare professionals.


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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) app

Remote patient monitoring app helps to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers. It tracks the vitals of the patients and sends it to the doctors.


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Tracking COVID-19 symptoms become easy

The application lets you self-assess, track COVID-19 symptoms and communicate with doctors via video calls and chats.

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Financial benefits RPM software ensures

Why choose Peerbits for RPM software development services


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Experienced team

We are backed up with a team of experts and skilled professionals to cater to diverse remote patient monitoring solutions.

Customized solutions

At Peerbits, we provide tailored and scalable solutions to help you meet your unique business requirements.

Agile methodologies

We follow Agile methodologies to make sure that the product matches your exact requirements and business goals.

User-friendly interface

We deliver user-friendly remote monitoring solutions that are easy to use for patients and healthcare providers.

Exceptional support

We provide round-the-clock support and assistance to our clients to ensure that they do not face any problems.

Compliance with industry standards

Our team ensures that the RPM solutions we deliver are compliant with the latest industry standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, and others.

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Frequently asked questions

Data Collection

Devices like wearables, IoT gadgets, and sensors collect patients' vitals continuously.


Doctors analyze the data to spot areas of concern. An AI system quickly alerts patients about these issues.


Collected data is sent to healthcare providers via the Internet, text, or phone.


Emergency responders are alerted for immediate action if needed, ensuring swift treatment for patients.

Both are quite different. Remote patient monitoring focuses on using certain technology for patient-provider communication. Telehealth, however, is a broader term encompassing various technologies in healthcare.

The benefits of RPM software are:

  • Real time patient monitoring
  • Timely interventions
  • Early symptoms detections
  • Better utilization of medical resources
  • Improved healthcare outcomes

Remote patient monitoring devices include wearables, blood pressure monitors, and glucometers that aid in remote health data collection.

Absolutely! RPM solutions can easily integrate with current systems that boost efficiency and patient care.

Machine learning helps to analyze data patterns and predict the potential health issues. It can also provide personalized recommendations based on the patient’s individual needs and health condition.

Absolutely. You can expect a scalable remote patient monitoring system from our team. We deliver scalable remote patient monitoring solutions that can be expanded as your business grows.

RPM development involves modern technologies such as sensors, machine learning, data transmission protocols, and other integrations to build an effective solution.

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