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Private Blockchain Development

Peerbits is adept at delivering Private Blockchain Development Solutions which helps you in faster, cheaper, and low-risk transactions.

Decentralized Application Development (dApps)

Providing secure solutions is our prime objective. In a short span of time, we have offered Full-proof Decentralized Application Development solutions for clients who have high-security needs.

Crypto Exchange Development

We are a prominent name when it comes to delivering Crypto Exchange Development. Experience seamless and secure cryptocurrency exchange with our esteemed bitcoin developers.

Smart Contracts Development (ICO)

We have successfully delivered customized Smart Contract solutions which help companies to execute their ideas without any middlemen or any other intervention. Our solutions have also assisted in the reduction and automation of costs and tasks respectively.

Wallet Development Solutions

Peerbits has extended its mastery from cryptocurrencies to development of secure and stable wallet services. Our Wallet Services are well within the industrial regulations and ensure safe cryptocurrency management.

Blockchain Technology Consulting

Experience of delivering numerous solutions in Blockchain technology makes us a prominent source for providing consultations on Blockchain technology. We suggest which of the Blockchain technology is suitable for you and how to execute it.

Distributed E-Commerce Solution

Blockchain has revolutionized the e-Commerce sector. With Peerbits’ distributed e-Commerce solution you can transform your e-commerce platform into a safe, fast, and cost-efficient entity.

Blockchain IoT App Development

One of the critical threat that IoT faces is the security due to its client/server model. We provide Blockchain Solutions for IoT which are secure and foolproof from all risks.

How Blockchain Works

Blockchain works on the principle that allows a group of connected computers to maintain a single updated and secure ledger.

Initiation of Transaction

Screening resumes


Block Creation

Assign & Monitor


Post Verification


Encryption of Identities




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Peerbits is a leading Blockchain Development company which has delivered various customized and high-quality solutions. We have a pool of talented and accomplished Blockchain experts who will mold and nurture your product and will support you at every stage.

Blockchain Technology’s Key Benefits

Blockchains technology is here to stay. It comes with many benefits which are common to many industries. These Path-breaking benefits will redefine the way we work. Below are some of them.


Blockchain technology caters greater transparency with the distributed ledger system. All the participants share the same documentation, and an update must have consensus. This nature of blockchain makes data complete, accurate, and consistent.


The blockchain is secure due to its record-keeping systems. Transactions are approved, encrypted and linked to the previous transaction. Storage of data is in the network of computers instead of a single sever making it difficult for hackers to hack.

Reduced Cost

Blockchain eliminates the intermediaries from the equation. It cuts a significant amount of cost. It’s only you and your trading partner; the best part is that it is still secure.

Increased Efficiency and Speed

Traditional trading processes are time-consuming and prone to human error. Blockchain automating these processes helps in speeding up and improving the efficiency of the transactions.


All the information is relayed and transferred to or from the new participant for possible action. This nature of Blockchain helps in tracking data and hence increasing the traceability.


Record of each transaction is sequential, and it is there for everyone to see. It makes auditing of any deal an easy job.

Applications of Blockchain

Blockchain Technology is a vast concept; some compare it with the internet itself. Blockchain has a humungous scope. It can be used in many industries and fields as the benefits offered by it serves all of them. Below are few of the Blockchain applications.


Data management



Real estate

Ride-sharing services

Social networks

Digital identity

Asset management

Energy Trading

Shipping and Logistics

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