Peerbits is extremely glad to announce its latest success in the form of a message template creator web app. We have successfully delivered this web app which fulfils all the requirements of our client. Our client wanted to develop a dynamic editor web app that can help them to create various message templates at a quick speed. For this, they especially needed a web app that comes with the dynamic message feature which can help them to create highly customized message templates.

Our recently developed solution not only helps our client to draft customized message templates but also helps them to send them to various groups of people and on various social media platforms.

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3 Weeks

months to launch MVP

15 Months

months of ongoing project


The Challenge

The biggest challenge that we faced while developing this solution was to implement the dynamic editor. We had to implement a dynamic editor that can have different dynamic values in the template. Also, this dynamic value should have a number of options that a user can choose as per his requirements

Secondly, the desktop and mobile versions weren’t maintained by mobile runtime CSS. This was because both had separate designs. So, it was a challenge for us to sync them both.

The Solution

To overcome the above challenge for implementing the dynamic editor we have used draftjs. Draftjs is a Facebook library. We used draftjs since it was free. Furthermore, it’s also very easy to use.

To overcome the second challenge of syncing desktop as well as the mobile version we used Media Queries. We used Media Queries as it maintained the mobile version depending upon the screen width and too without refreshing. Moreover, it also helped us to boost the speed and enhance the web app’s UI and overall look.

Key features

Create event

User can create the event which will be the main subject of the message template. The event name helps the user to distinguish among other events.

Create report

User can also create various groups of message templates within the event. This helps them to have multiple template messages without creating a new event.

Create channel

Users can create various channels for publishing the message template on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Create groups and sub group

Users can create groups and sub groups. For example, they can create groups for different companies and sub groups for different teams within the company.

Create mail and sub mail

Users can create mail and submails. For example, they can group employees of a specific portfolio from different companies.

Add dynamic field

User can also add the different dynamic fields to the person list as per his convenience. This makes creating message templates even more customized, easier, and faster.

Technology stack
that we used in this project

We have utilized a number of cutting-edge technologies and tools for the successful completion of this project. Some of the tools and technologies used by us mentioned below:


React, Symphony





Third party library



Media Query

Network Request


SMS Gateway



Facebook, Twitter, Email

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