Project Description

An App Informing You of All Local Events




Many people are usually clueless when it comes to the events happening around them. The app takes care of this by offering users a comprehensive guideline for all the activities happening in their area. This includes events, festivals, and exhibitions. The app avails all the details of the events such as date, time, location, costs, and schedule of activities, organizers, participating stores, videos, and photos.

Additionally, the application also offers a guide to home businesses and vendors highlighting products, promotions, and contact information. Users can select event categories they are interested in so as to plan attendance. Another impressive feature is that you can use the app to find the site of the event easily to get precise directions to the event. Both vendors and attendees can benefit from using the app.



To implement a customized weekly calendar

Checking in users into a particular event based on current location, the status of the event (completed, live, upcoming) or location of the event.

Managing Celebrity and user event schedules.

Switching between live and fixed locations for vendors while displaying both location markers on the map.



We made the reparation of custom calendar widget for Android for the weekly calendar using Google API to measure distance based on the current location of user, latitude, longitude and the event venue latlong. We developed a custom algorithm to display schedule of a celebrity to the user allowing for more activities while checkin at that time.

We implemented a local SQLite database as well as a storing vendor profile inside a local database. We also added Google location service and an offline map image for similar results while re-using all the existing APP APIs and integrating the same APP API in a website to save on time.

A complete guide to event details and agenda.

wentamashy Events details

This allows users to have all the information about an event they are interested in beforehand to plan accordingly.

Map and directions to the event venue.

wentamashy map and direction

Never get lost while trying to access an event because you can easily use the Maps feature to get precise directions to the event.

Checkin into the event and access available offers.

The app is quite convenient in that it allows users to checkin into an event as well as know all the offers they can take advantage of.

Full schedule of celebs/socializer and when they will attend the event.

Using the app means that event-goers stay in the know-how about the full schedule of the celebrity, and when they will be making an appearance at the event.

Event survey.

wentamashy celebs attend event

The application gives users an opportunity to participate in various surveys through event polls.

Notifications of events.

Users can choose the category of events that interest them most and the app will deliver timely notifications of upcoming events.

Technology Stack







Android studio

Glide Image caching


SQLite Data storage


google map Map


Calendar Calendar view

Compact Calendar View

Firebase Crash reporting




With the help of the app, users never have to miss an event because they do not have adequate details. Vendors can also grab multiple business opportunities to market their products or services at various events. The application comes through for many people who love to attend events, but do not have enough details beforehand.

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