Peerbits is proud to develop an application for all fishing enthusiasts. It records fishing data with the help of a hardware device connected via Bluetooth. It allows you to capture photos of the fish and thereby fills all the vital data by itself. It saves your time as you don’t need to note all the information on a book. In a nutshell it makes the fishing experience more convenient.

The data filled includes Date, Time, Location, Weather, Wind speed, Temperature, Barometer, Wind Direction, Lunar Phase. Our developers used 3rd party API to extract all the above data. To capture the photo, it is imperative for the user to open the app. Along with these benefits it also helps in finding nearby locations for fishing. Secondly, user can determine total fish weight and share it on social media sites.


The Challenge

The client wanted us to integrate a fishing stick with the app which can click pictures of fishes. So, we had to integrate the hardware with the mobile app and secondly the app had to obtain the pictures clicked by the stick. In addition, the app had to fill all the relevant data of the fish by itself.

The Solution

Team of our developers created a Bluetooth address for the fishing stick. The App would detect this Bluetooth address and connect it with the app. Apart from that we used various APIs to get details like Date, Time, Location, Weather, Wind speed, Temperature, Barometer, Wind Direction, Lunar Phase.

Earlier a Fisher had to write all these details in a book which consumed so much time. These APIs fills all the details automatically saving considerable amount of time.

Key features

Integrate Fishing Stick to the App

As discussed earlier, this app allows you to integrate your fishing stick with the mobile app via Bluetooth. It also allows you to click pictures of the fishes caught. You can view and save pictures captured by the stick on the app.

Track Your Fishing Records

This app helps in recording all the data in an organized way. You can record your data every time you go for fishing. Likewise, you can record daily, weekly, and monthly data which would provide you with your progress and vital insights.

Calculate Total Fish Weight

This app also helps in calculating the weight of total fishes captured in a session, day, week or month. You can share this stats on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can have competition among your social media friends for the total number of fishes caught.

Various Filter Options

This app includes various filter options to sort the fishes that you have caught. There are filter options available based on parameters like temperature and barometer. It makes it easier for a user to find fishes from a lot.

Find Nearby Fishing Opportunities

Apart from recording and tracking your fishing activities this app also helps in finding the nearby fishing places. It allows you to explore new places and to catch fishes of different and sometimes exotic species.

Technology stack


Swift, Java


Xcode, Visual studio

Crash Reporting






Network Request


Forecast API Dependency

Forecast API


The fishing enthusiasts largely accepted the app. The app received a lot of positive responses for its engaging features. The app became an integral part of every fisher.

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