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The objective of the project is the premier software solution for academic, non-profit, and commercial organizations seeking to establish robust open digital repositories. Its exceptional versatility stems from its free and straightforward installation process, which can be fully customized to align with the unique requirements of any organization.

Team Members


Weeks to launch MVP


Months of Project delivery time


The Challenge

  • Implement measures to eliminate spam and abuse while ensuring seamless user interaction
  • Ensure complete data security for users through robust protection measures
  • Facilitate efficient content and document management with a versatile input system
  • Remove barriers for users in other countries by making DSpace universally accessible
  • Challenge in searching research metadata and full texts.
  • Maintain optimal bandwidth usage while streaming audio and video content to ensure seamless playback.

The Solution

  • Implemented Google reCAPTCHA to enhance security and prevent spam and abuse
  • Secured data with bitstream format on the server and used Klaro to protect user privacy and data in compliance with GDPR regulations
  • Created dynamic and reactive forms with specified input fields displayed dynamically from the backend
  • Improved accessibility and inclusivity by supporting UTF-8 encoding and localization in 22 languages
  • Enhanced user experience with Apache SOLR-based search for metadata and full-text contents
  • Optimized bandwidth usage and resolution with adaptive streaming for audio and video content.

Key features

  • Captures data in multiple formats, including text, video, audio, and data
  • Distributes captured data over the web for wider accessibility
  • Enables efficient search and retrieval through indexed content
  • Offers long-term preservation of digital work
  • Provides a professional repository for managing research materials and publications
  • Increases visibility and accessibility of research materials over time.


  • Secure access to institutional data from anywhere
  • Improved audio/video streaming quality
  • Customizable to meet user needs.

& Figures

  • Over 3000 organizations using DSpace
  • Free & open-source
  • 22 language interface options

Tech stacks we used

We used a various top-class technologies and frameworks to develop robust open-source repository software, including:







CSS framework


Automated Test Cases

Jasmine Karma


Klaro Cookies, Apache Tomcat

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