Peerbits has developed a mobile application for the entertainment industry which acts as a networking platform for various artists. The application provides industry specific features for efficient networking purposes. Any artist can create his profile in the application to become a part of this large network. After creating a profile, the artist can either put his work for auction or his requirements as a quotation.

For example, a writer can put up his script for an auction on the app. For that he needs to select various parameters like the base price, period, and many others.

Similarly, a director who is looking for actors can put up a quotation stating all the requirements along with the rates offered. All the actors who suits the requirement will be notified of this quotation thus, establishing a network.


The Challenge

Our clients wanted to make a platform that would facilitate an effective networking among the various artists of the film industry. They wanted to introduce the concept of auction for scriptwriters and quotations for rest of the artists. Moreover, they also wanted to incorporate training institutes to offer their services through the application.

The Solution

Our team understood all the requirements of the clients carefully and came up with an application that worked exactly the way they wanted. We developed an application wit h a sophisticated and yet simplistic UI. The application was user-friendly and facilitated easy networking among the various actors and users of the application.

Key features

Post scripts for auctions/bidding

The application allows the writers to auction their scripts. They can post their scripts and enter other details such as the base price, period, and many others. Similarly, other artists can bid for the same.

Post quotations

Users can post their requirements in the form of quotations. The quotation will consist of all the details regarding the jobs like duration of the quotation, price offered, skills required, and many more.

Search by category

The application also allows the users to search for other users by the category. They can browse various artists of the same category by simply writing the category name (like singer and actor) in search bar.

Request for a quote

If a user finds a quote suitable, then he can request it by quoting his price to the job poster. The last decision; however, stays in the hands of the job poster.

Chatting option

The application allows the users to chat with the job poster. Chatting makes the communication clear and simple between the user and the job poster.

Post classes as school

User can post classes of their training institutes as school. The other users can enroll in those schools to attend the classes

Technology stack


Swift, Java


Xcode, Android studio


SQL Server

Payment Gateway




Network Request


Crash Reports


Crash Reporting



The application received an enormous response from the film fraternity as many artists got fruitful results from the app.

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