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Finance app development

Finance App Development2019-03-27T11:33:40+00:00

Finance app add value to financial organizations and make their customers happy

For financial institutions, branded mobile apps have gone from a luxury to a customer expectation. To stay relevant in the market, you need to become customer-centric. Finance app development is the way in that direction. Outsmart and beat the competition before they attempt to.

A single insurance app for customers and agents

Peerbits helps insurance companies develop a multipurpose insurance mobile app that provides greater experience through an intuitive, multiplatform mobility solution for their customers, agents, partners, and employees on the go.

  • CRM and lead Management
  • Premium amount generation, reminder, and payment
  • Report incidents, seek help, file claims
  • Illustration and quote generation

Make your customers richer and happy with an investment mobile app

An investment mobile app developed by Peerbits lets your customers gather portfolio values, summary of their holdings, intelligent insights on their broad investments, etc. As a result, your customers make smart investments, get richer and pay you even more commission.

  • Smart Investment Advice
  • Portfolio Management & Holding Summary
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Performance Reporting

Accounting app is the easiest way to handle your financial information

Accounting mobile apps, today, must manage more than just day-to-day financial transactions. Accounting mobility solutions by Peerbits can be customized to handle a range of financial information like cash assets, liabilities, and immovable assets.

  • Automated invoicing
  • Tax prep and saving
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Manage multiple businesses

Secure Banking app that goes beyond managing a bank account

Peerbits designs develops retail and corporate banking mobility solutions for banks across the world. By driving the status quo and shipping disruptive banking mobile apps 30% faster* than our competitors, we have taken the prospects of customer engagement and platform adoption to the next level.

  • Personalized, differentiated mobile banking experiences
  • User-driven, lean methodology
  • Performance-oriented microservices architecture
  • Security and compliance

Pay with a Digital Wallet app installed on your smartphone

Digital wallet apps developed by Peerbits empower users pay 3rd parties, individuals, and banks from their smartphones. The digital wallet can easily be loaded over a payment gateway using credit cards, debit cards, internet banking and various other methods.

  • Payment over NFC, QR, and mobile numbers
  • Inbuild passcode and Pin security
  • Integration with device secure credentials
  • Integration with leading payment gateways

Why develop finance app with us?

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