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  • Omnichannel payment solutions
  • Encrypted with advanced security for fraud protection 
  • Seamless integration with third party tools and APIs
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Global merchant payment services

Our Merchant payment services allow you to concentrate on growing your business while we handle payment complexities. Our tailored solutions meet the specific requirements of your retail shop, an online store, or service-based company, thereby scaling up along with you over time.

We create unified, all-in-one payment gateway solutions for all types of businesses of any size, ensuring payment data management, advanced fraud protection, and much more. Save time and resources by integrating our merchant payment solutions for your business.

Enhanced customer experience

Let your customers experience hassle-free transactions and payments that leads to customer satisfaction, trust and improved retention rate.

Improved cash flow

Receive payment quickly and securely that leads to enhanced cash flow, improved financial management and operational efficiency.

Payment diversity

Accept diverse range of payments such as debit card, credit card, mobile payment, eWallets and many others to cater the diverse preferences of your customers.

Easy integration

Minimize interference in your company’s operations by incorporating our processing solutions into already existing systems or platforms.

Fraud detection

We protect you against fraudsters by implementing advanced security measures and tools for detecting fraud during transactions taking place over the internet.

Custom merchant payment gateway

Experience hassle-free payments online with our Custom Merchant Payment Gateway and take advantage of customizable features and top-notch security protocols to simplify your payment processes. Count on us for straightforward, personalized payment solutions designed to meet your unique requirements.

Low risk

For retailers with low risk, we offer unique payment gateway integration, giving merchants linked access to various payment options and transaction data on a single integrated platform. To ensure dependable communication between your merchant account and payment gateway, our specialists will link your Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Sheet with a secure payment gateway system or third-party payment processing software.

Low risk businesses that required Merchant payment services

  • Online retailers
  • Clothing
  • Home & décor
  • Pet clinics
  • Beauty products
  • Automobile

Medium risk

We incorporate a powerful shopping cart plug-in and e-commerce platform API that allow advanced tokens, recurring payments, fraud protection, and proprietary card updates. Global marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and others are just a few of the business models for which our experts build payment processing infrastructure.

Medium risk businesses that required Merchant Payment services

  • eCommerce
  • Dropshipping
  • Accounting
  • SEO services
  • Web design and development
  • Property management

High risk

For high-risk businesses, our highly qualified software developers build mobile, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity for EMV terminal mobility in addition to customizing EMV-compliant software, integrations, migrations, and certification services. For seamless EMV payment processing, we link your POS system with a strong SDK and other leading industry solutions. We also provide EMV certification services for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and other cards.

Comapnies that need secured merchant payment services

  • FinTech companies
  • Dating Sites
  • Casinos
  • Charter Jet companies
  • Banks
  • Nutraceuticals


Merchant payment services we provide

Explore our Merchant payment Services for simple, customized solutions that fit your business perfectly. Whether you're selling online or in-store, we securely process QR/credit/debit cards and mobile payments. Enhance your customer experience and boost your earnings with our reliable, user-friendly payment options. Get started today!


QR payments

We help you build contactless payments like QR payments that simplify transferring money between different customers, while eliminating any physical contact.



We are also experts in delivering robust eWallets solutions that enable you and your customers to make fast, convenient and secure eWallet transactions.


Buy now, pay later (BNPL)

Buy Now and Pay Later is redefining the eCommerce’s financial landscape, giving merchants a competitive edge. We can help you to develop a BNPL solution for streamlined checkouts.



No matter you are a bank or an online merchant, we offer seamless support that you need for facilitating payments-on-the-go


Payment gateway development

We can help you get an affordable payment gateway that reduces payment processing costs, operational costs and eliminates any competitive advantage in your domain.


PCI DSS compliance

Our security assessment expertise can help you to acquire your PCI DSS certification successfully. Our experts help you to maintain appropriate payment security standards.


Custom payment

If your business idea is out of the box and you need a custom payment solution for that, we can help create any payments that you imagine through a payment processing merchant.


EMV development services

Our merchant payment solutions can be integrated with EMV development services, to offer increased security of transactions done by using payment cards.


Multi-currency processing

Our merchant payment services are compatible with different currencies. So no matter where your business is and who are your customers, you can have efficient payment solutions.


Power up your payment processing with advanced tools and APIs

We provide comprehensive solutions to your business and that includes value-added services. Our experts can help you integrate your merchant payment processing with advanced tools and APIs.


QR-based merchant payment solutions

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As the leading expert in mechant payment processing, we help you to build a secured merchant payment enabled with QR codes. Your users can generate QR codes and share it with their peers to receive hassle-free payments. 

QR Payments enable you to create contactless merchant payment services where your customers can make electronic payments by scanning QR codes from a smartphone app. You can encourage your customers to use mobile money or bank account balances to make payment through QR codes.

Peerbits allows integration of QR payments in your merchant payment processing software. We offer an innovative way for your customers to scan and pay. As it works as a virtual plugin to your merchant payment solutions.


Our security standards

We at Peerbits, follow high security standards that prevent your merchant payment from any malicious activity, hack and data theft.

AI-powered fraud detection

Our merchant payment is equipped with AI-powered fraud detection that identifies unusual patterns in user behavior. The AI algorithm mimics and stores data patterns of different users and optimizes the data to identify theft and suspicious activities.

Biometric authentication

We can also integrate biometric authentication to secure your digital product from fraud. Apart from pins, biometric authentication such as facial recognition and irish scan provide a secure way to make transactions.

End-to-end encryption

End-to-End encryption offers an extra layer of security to your merchant payment solutions. The data stored on your payment gateway is secured by encryption keys that prevents hackers from stealing it.


Our advanced tokenization process converts your sensitive data into non-sensetive tokens. And thus it safeguards the critical information of your users including thier financial and personal details.

Predictive analytics

Our industry experts leverage AI-powered predictive analytics to your merchant payment processing. It forecast payment trends and provide vital insights, helping you to make an informed decision for near future.

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Enabling single and multi-merchant vendors deliver a modern shopping experience

Built multi-dimensional m-commerce solutions to allow their shoppers to safely purchase in their physical store & digital environment.

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Digitalized the insurance industry to make human life easier

Applying for various insurance, claim and getting reimbursement on a fingertip made easy for Gulf citizens with an Advanced digital solution

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Develop a merchant payment solution with our expert fintech experts

Your search for merchant payemnt solutions ends here. Our expert team of developers offers end-to-end customized and secure app development services.

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  • Ask a sales representative. Learn more about the business.
  • Examine any software or equipment that might be appropriate for your company.
  • Obtain a quote with precise pricing.
  • Examine the contract; don't accept term agreements or costs associated with cancellation.
  • Verify that the terms and pricing match the proposal before committing.
  • Examine your first paragraph to ensure that everything is correct.
  • Make sure nothing has changed by reviewing your statement and pricing every month.

Merchant payments are available to the majority of merchant business types. The application procedure could change based on your company's nature and the risk level that the credit card networks have allocated.

Your company should be configured to take eWallets, EMV chip cards, and conventional magnetic stripe cards, at the very least. It's essential to think about whether you require payment acceptance via phone, online, or while on the go. Accepting safe cheque payments is another option you should consider, depending on your clientele.

POS terminals come with a ton of possibilities. The payment choices you wish to accept, as well as the location and method of acceptance, will primarily determine the sort of terminal you choose. A countertop model can be your best bet if you plan to accept payments from a physical location solely. A mobile point-of-sale system can be the best option if you take payments off-site at events like farmers' markets, trade exhibits, or festivals.

Every aspect of our merchant processing service complies with PCI DSS v3.2. Third-party assessors and auditors who are governed by licensing and certification programs evaluate and validate our security capabilities in relation to industry norms. Additionally, we design our services to reduce the amount of sensitive data that merchants must handle and have on hand.

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