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Redefining the way retail firms benefit from emerging technologies and mobility.

From understanding clients to offering a unified experience across channels, retail giants rely on us to work better and work differently whether it’s fulfilling shopper’s expectations or revamping the supply chain.

Segments of retails that we provide solution for

While retail as an industry is huge and comprised of endless number of sectors. These are some of the segments we have provided solution to with success.

Department Stores

We help department stores maximize customer service and profits and meet changing amid increased competition.

Discount Stores

We help optimize merchandizing, increase supply chain efficiencies, generate product mix forecast for better retention.


We help optimize prices, fine tune inventory planning, and deploy next generation POS systems to enhance the customer experience.

Specialty Retailers

We help specialty retailers embrace the future of shopping by delivering concepts and solutions for instore selling.

Retail Consulting & Solutions

Peerbit’s retail practice helps retailers turn today’s pain points into new business opportunities, and optimize their retail operation with the combination of traditional and modern sales art.


Helping retailers to discover the apt path to omnichannel implementation for their product, based on their clienteles, competitors, and physical and digital assets.


Thorough preparation, augmented business operations, data mining and data analytics, while permitting flexibility to respond to market dynamics.

Retail Stores

Leveraging on retail knowhow, empower with new workforce and task management solutions, and streamline your PoS, raise operational efficiency.

Supply Chain

Resolve multifaceted supply chain issues, bringing value and reserves along their conversion journey e-retailers need to renovate their supply chains to be quicker and more agile.

Retail Enterprise Services

Combining deep retail and program management expertise with top practices to ensure you get the highest quality solution in the most lucrative manner.


Using the modern mobility and various technologies, ecommerce solutions are moving to portable gadgets we don’t dare stepping out without.

Technology that are defining the future of retail

Retail sector is undergoing a pool of changes. There is more to technology, cloud and mobility to it than retail stores and PoS solutions.

Contactless payment

Usage of radio-frequency identification (RFID) or near field communication (NFC, e.g. Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay) are on rise

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in retail is being applied in new ways across the entire product and service cycle—from assembly to post-sale customer service interactions

Augmented Reality

Retailers are riding the fast approaching wave of augmented reality to bring additional capabilities in their physical and digital experiences.

Jewlot case studies


Online jewelry store

Jewelry Web iOS Android

Jewlot is an online jewelry store, designed with eye-popping colors and shimmering UI. Worked from scratch to end in creating a distinctive brand for fully featured eCommerce mobile app and website. Our intuitive design is aimed at deciphering the core values that goes behind the product.