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Imagine receiving healthcare anytime anywhere, without actually travelling. Our developers make telemedicine app development solutions that help doctors and patients connect virtually. In an age where connectivity is paramount, our team takes great pride in leveraging cutting-edge technology to make custom-made telemedicine solutions tailored to healthcare professionals, providers, and patients' unique requirements.

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Telemedicine App Development

5x Growth with our telemedicine app development services

As a leading Custom Software Development Company, we make custom telemedicine solutions that help you and be the connecting bridge between patients and healthcare providers.

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Telemedicine App Development Solutions

Telemedicine solutions at Peerbits

The sole motive of our telehealth app development company is to build a transparent relationship between healthcare providers and patients. The core of telemedicine software development is a cloud server with modules of data storage & processing and video streaming. 

Telemedicine software development enables medical staff and patients to connect through video conferencing. An admin-web panel will help supervisors, administrators, etc., with a telemedicine solutions interface that grants access to medical providers and patients to configure and view the patient’s details, doctor schedule and more.

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Our skilled and seasoned telemedicine app developers

Our team of telemedicine solution providers are fully dedicated to streamlining the healthcare system to the next level. With the experience of 12 years in the custom software development industry, we know how to develop one-of-a-kind telemedicine applications, that will suit the requirements of your company. 

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our customizable telemedicine app, seamlessly integrated with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Experience the swiftness of implementation with our ready-to-use accelerator, meticulously designed to not only reduce costs but also compress project timelines.

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Telehealth App Development Company

Process of telemedicine app development

The process of curating a telemedicine app development involves several key stages, each crucial for creating an effective telehealth app. Here is an overview of the process,

Assessment & planning

In this initial phase of telemedicine app development, it’s essential to define your target audience and the purpose of developing this application. Through extensive market research, we gain insights while assessing the competitive landscape, and also determining the user needs. The outcome of this step is a well-outlined plan specifying the key features and functionalities of the telemedicine application.

Regulatory compliance and security

Ensuring compliance of these telemedicine applications with healthcare regulations, especially adhering to standards like HIPAA is significant. Our development process places great emphasis on incorporating rigid security measures. This guarantees the utmost protection of the details of the patients, instilling confidence and trust in both patients and telemedicine solution providers.

Design and user experience

During the design phase, we implement all the planned features into a functional and visual framework. Prototypes and Wireframes are crafted for the telemedicine app’s navigation and layout. Our team focuses on curating an intuitive interface, and special attention is given to ensuring accessibility for users with diverse needs.

Development and integration

This phase involves choosing the appropriate technology for the telemedicine application. Core features such as EMR Integrations, Payment Gateways, Easy Registrations, Appointment Scheduling, and Secure Messaging. Additionally, telehealth-specific elements like video conferencing for remote consultations and integration are seamlessly incorporated into the telemedicine app's framework.

Testing, deployment, and launch

The last stage of telehealth app development is to ensure the app’s functionality, user experience, and security. Once the testing phase is complete, the app is deployed on the intended platforms, including iOS, Android, and web. The launch is accompanied by a targeted marketing campaign to introduce the telemedicine app to the intended audience, generating awareness and user adoption.

Kow more about overall, telemedicine app development has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry by improving access to care, increasing convenience, and reducing costs.

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Telemedicine App Development

Features of our telemedicine application

We at Peerbits aim to incorporate the latest features into the development of telemedicine applications for both healthcare providers and patients alike.


User registration & profile management

Seamless user registration for both doctors and patients. We also provide user-friendly profile management, where both parties can update their personal information and medical history easily.


Appointment scheduling

Our telemedicine application also enables patients to schedule and manage virtual consultations with doctors. The doctors and patients are also reminded of the upcoming appointments.


Secure communications

HIPAA-compliant secure messaging for confidential communication between healthcare providers and patients. File-sharing facilities for the patients to upload and for the doctors to analyse the reports.


Prescription management

The patients can upload e-prescriptions into the portal. This portal is further integrated with pharmacies for prescription fulfilment. The healthcare providers can also generate the same.


Waiting room for patients & doctors

This feature of the telemedicine app gives enough time to the patients and the doctors to prepare for the consultation. It further confirms whether all parties have joined before starting the video.


Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration

This integration helps you maintain all the digital patient records and enables doctors and patients to have easy access to them. It helps in saving time for both patients and doctors to monitor and inspect the health progress.


Instant video consultation

The telehealth mobile app development has made it possible for healthcare providers can take instant on-demand video calls with any patient. It is possible by inviting them over email or SMS.

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Why Peerbits?

At Peerbits to believe in bringing your visions and missions to a successful reality. With the experience of 12+ years, we bring innovation, expertise, and a commitment to excellence to the forefront of telehealth solutions. Here’s why you should choose us…

  • Proven expertise 
  • Innovative features for modern healthcare
  • Efficient deployment & support
  • HIPPA-compliance at it’s core
  • Custom telemedicine app development
  • Client-centric approach
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Welcome the future of medicine with our Remote Patient Monitoring System. Utilize advanced technologies for real-time health tracking, allowing healthcare providers to monitor patient vitals and symptoms remotely, providing timely interventions and personalized care.

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Curate seamless CRM software with Peerbits, where you can easily overview and manage all the patient information with minimal hassle. By incorporating this you are also enhancing the overall patient satisfaction.

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This is a native iOS app that helps to bridge the gap between the patients and healthcare providers. Patients can monitor their health on a regular basis and share the data with the doctors and healthcare professionals.

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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) app

Remote patient monitoring app helps to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers. It tracks the vitals of the patients and sends it to the doctors.

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The application lets you self-assess, track COVID-19 symptoms and communicate with doctors via video calls and chats.

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Frequently asked questions

Telemedicine is the use of technology to provide remote healthcare services, including consultations, diagnosis, and treatment. It offers convenience for both healthcare providers and patients by enabling virtual visits, reducing travel time, and increasing access to care, especially in remote or underserved areas.

Our custom telemedicine apps come equipped with a range of features tailored to meet your specific needs, including secure video consultations, appointment scheduling, electronic health record (EHR) integration, prescription management, and real-time messaging for seamless communication between patients and providers.

At PeerBits, we prioritize the security and privacy of patient data in all our telemedicine app development projects. We implement robust encryption protocols, adhere to industry standards such as HIPAA compliance, and employ secure authentication methods to safeguard sensitive information and ensure regulatory compliance.

Yes, our telemedicine apps are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing healthcare systems and electronic medical records (EMRs). We leverage interoperability standards and APIs to facilitate data exchange and streamline workflows, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity of care for both providers and patients.

We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services post-launch to ensure the smooth operation of your telemedicine app. This includes regular updates, bug fixes, technical support, and ongoing enhancements based on user feedback and evolving requirements. Our goal is to ensure your telemedicine app remains secure, reliable, and up-to-date to deliver optimal user experience and patient care.

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