Wondering what is all the hype behind the success of Nodes development? Well, there are plenty of reasons associated with it.


It comprehensively simplifies the job of web app development, offering plenty to NodeJs developer.

It makes up for an ideal choice for the businesses looking to indulge in the real-time application and cross-platform runtime environment.

The javascript support makes lots of reason why developers are using node.js for web app development that comes with a bundle of cool features.

Be it letting developers append networking tools and web servers, courtesy – JavaScript.


It gets little too technical for the novice to dive into product development using NodeJs making them apprehensive about the choice for creating a successful web application.

But that doesn’t mean it is complicated. Considering how easily it gets the job done by integrating a 2-way client/server communication, it has become an ideal choice for web development companies to go with this one.

With the ability of workload distribution to multiple service providers and client requests, there is much from NodeJs to extract.

If you are looking to generate the dynamic content of creating and read/delete files on servers with ease of data modification, choose NodeJs.


Top reasons to consider NodeJS for your next project

Fast paced

Loaded with V8 engines powered by Google, NodeJs compiles javascript into a native machine code running pretty fast.

This is why it can speed up any framework. Enterprises looking to hire dedicated NodeJs developers can expect building fast and flexible network applications that can handle multiple parallel connections.

PayPal significantly reduced the response time to 35% and handled double the amount of requests/second with Node.js applications.

Enables easy sharing

Easy sharing is possible with Node.js powering nearness of the Node Package Manager or NPM by divulging it.

The storehouse of over 50,000 bundles helps designers to make necessary provisions before starting the project. This helps developers to share, refresh and even reuse the code effortlessly.

Web development companies make the most out of it by effectively using the dynamic bundle supervisor which is a ready-help for the designers.

Creating a real-time web application

Node.js is a boon for those looking to simplify their tasks for real-time application development like gaming and messenger apps.

For those web application that requires using an event-based and non-blocking server, the real-time web application is the answer and Node.js provides it with the best.

Single code base

Sending data between the server and client for effective synchronization is easier said than done.

That’s why using Node.js for your next project makes complete sense to do so by writing javascript for server and client distinctively.

With Node.js ability to execute a similar code on both the sides – client and server make it an ideal choice for Nodejs developers.

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Data streaming

Any successful product development would require top-notch I/O handling. With Web frameworks treating HTTP0 requests and responses as whole data objects this gets tough.

Node.Js comes to rescue since it’s good at handling such I/O process which allows users to transcode media files simultaneously while they are being uploaded.

Reading and writing stream to Websockets enables handling such HTTP in a rather easier manner,

Utilizing developers’ javascript skills

Every web developer has coded a little bit of JavaScript, even if that JavaScript was hacking a jQuery plugin.

Finding a web developer is difficult nowadays. So when choosing a web platform, why not choose the platform whose language is known by every web developer in the world?

Simplified hosting

With more number of open-source development companies preferring Node.js, the platform is adding more facilities and multiplying the pace of introducing new features.

This offers great help to those involved in providing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services that reduce organizations to a solitary order. Perhaps, this is the reason why even Heroku prefers Node.js.

Boosting productivity

The productivity feature is a multidimensional as one should always eliminate the perspective of considering Node.js developers as highly productive in Java due to compile-time error handling.

Bolstering productivity is easy by blending in the both – frontend and backend teams into a single unit to speed up the product development process.

Using Node.Js for proxy server

There is so much that you could do with Node.js by leveraging it for plenty of intermediary administrations while contrasting the reaction time.

Just a 20-line code to use Node.js server as proxy server is also a great way to use it for streaming information from multiple sources.

Being SEO friendly

If there’s one thing that your web app development don’t want to lose out on, then it’s the SEO game.

The backend rendering by Node.js gives the website more visibility as search engines can optimize the React projects.

The high speed and top-notch performance also contribute to bettering the SEO prospects along with quality user experience.


Using open toolset

Open Source development companies are using Node.js as it offers a highly engaging ecosystem for free.

This includes all those necessary tools for developers like Redux and Flux while running Node.js on the backend. Plenty of Node.js development services are making the most out of open source libraries for task-specific activities.

Community presence

The company maintains and support a comprehensive library as it was initially developed from Facebook and have 1000+ independent contributors.

It’s a helping community as well with its dynamic presence and great corporate support making it more reliable using the latest available technology.

Single threaded event-driven platform

Being single threaded allows node.js to handle the heavy load with ease. With real-time application development, it becomes necessary to manage a plethora of concurrent connections without compromising the pace.

It gives developers all the necessary tools for building performance-driven web applications in less time.

Utilizing the popularity

Forums are live and active making it easier for Node.js developers to resolve their problems in threads. Finding a solution is not difficult especially considering how fast-responding the community is and does its best in offering every possible help.

Easy to start and range of resources to learn from, the Node.js has a library for almost everything.

Deploy Node.js apps gets easy

If you think your project needs the Node.js app while moving ahead then it’s a no-brainer to even contemplating on other platforms.

It offers comparable solutions for projects requiring a dedicated app for programming environments.

Due to its dynamic ecosystem and dedicated setup, project completion is simplified considerably.

Minimizing development work

With a range of resourceful frameworks and libraries available for Node.js makes working on a project lot easier.

There’s always a chance of web development company creating a pool of such resources for multiple usages.

This helps to reduce the development time by writing reusable utility classes instead of starting it from scratch every time for a new project.

Instead, Node.js Development Company can capitalize on this to have Node.js developers write business specific logic.

Developers’ availability

Javascript is all-pervasive when it comes to web app development. There’s no avoiding it as it runs on desktops through Electron, etc. and on phones through Cordova, PhoneGap, React Native, etc. and even on the server as Node.js.

This makes it easy for Back-end and Front-end development companies to capitalize on the available pool of developers who has necessary Javascript skills. In a longer run, finding maintenance programmers won’t be a tough task.

For your next project, Node.js used for;

Creating single page apps

Most of the modern day web apps are heavier than usual especially on processing the client side data.

Use Node.js to confirm positive response times blended with the ability to share easily share data between the server and the client. Certainly an ideal choice for creating single page applications.

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Running classic web applications

Node.Js can swiftly carry the HTML data which makes loading and running classic web apps easier on the server side. Best to leverage this by creating more SEO-friendly content.

Enabling Chats / RTAs

For all the real-time lightweight real-time applications like messing application interfaces, chat software, Twitter, gets easy.

Make the most out of its simple interface and ability to be intensive on data across several devices.

Developing APIs

Start utilizing the interface for web services of databases through REST / JSON. It saves efforts of getting worried regarding the conversion between multiple systems.

Proxy deployment

If needed, deploying Node as a proxy can be useful to handle connections without blocking anything.

This works well when developing an app that’s dependent on other external services to export and import a large chunk of data.

Creating dashboards

Integrating dashboards is a great way to engage the audience in a web app. For creating and monitoring such web apps, NodeJs is a boon that comes blended with the ability to track user actions.

Best is that Node makes way for the app to visualize such real-time interactions and respond to it based on user actions.

Successful uses of Node.Js by industry leaders

Industry giants trust Node and use it extensively to get the best results. There are plenty of stories of how businesses started flourishing after implementing Node.js.

For example, Groupon mode from Ruby on Rails to Node to negate the troubles of maintaining the website with fresh updates every time.

Another great example is of Skycatch – a data company working with the commercial drones.

Using Node.js it simplified the task of data extractions from a website rather creating new SQL which is a long and complex way.


Plenty of reasons and rightfully so – Node.js provides an efficient alternative to create a web application.

Your project may significantly shrink the turnaround time while levelling up the output as well.

It empowers developers as well the users to utilize the web application in its full capacity and yield desirable results.

Ensure roping in right Node.Js developers for the product development and spell out the requirements to ensure a smooth web app development process.


Rajesh Yadav

Experienced Team Lead with in-depth expertise in developing a powerful and robust backend for enterprise-grade software and web apps. Also, highly skilled in Python, Yii, Node.js, XMPP, and AngularJS.

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