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  • Agile development process
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  • Flexible working hours
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Our Node.js developer’s expertise to
accelerate business innovation

Our Node.JS experts at Peerbits are trained, innovative & impactful in building high-performing web & mobile apps using a massive inventory of the latest and state-of-the-art technologies that are:


  • Express.js
  • Koa.js
  • Meteor.js
  • Adonis js
  • Socket.io
  • Nest.js


  • Redis
  • Firebase
  • MemSQL
  • Rethinkdb
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • CouchDB

Libraries & packages

  • node cron
  • Passport
  • Lodash
  • PM2
  • Nodemailer
  • Winston

Tools & Utilities

  • NPM
  • Mocha
  • REST
  • Gulp
  • ELK stack
  • Chai
  • JSON


  • Typeform
  • Mongoose
  • Sequelize

Best practices we apply to
build next-gen Node.js applications

To only settle for the best for our clients, we at Peerbits emphasize and stick to our standard of the best development process to assure everyone on the team has a better project understanding to have fewer errors, reduce the need for constant fixes, and deliver transformational outcomes as per your diverse business needs.

  • We force for TDD (test-driven development) and BDD
  • Strongly stick to typescript to reduce runtime errors
  • We use Eslint and related guidelines to maintain codebase
  • Additional modification in JWT token authentication to secure the passwords
  • Pre-commit hooks to maintain code quality
  • Expertise in microservices & Dockerize the code
  • Maximum use of const instead of let and var
  • Force to user Only LTS (long term support) libraries

Our Node.js services to
build highly scalable products

Custom NodeJs application

Hire our experienced Node.JS developers to build a highly customized solution tailored to your business needs that is scalable, secure, and rich in features.

Real-time application development

Our Node.JS developers are experts in designing & developing feature-rich web-based applications and real-time web apps that ensure an uninterrupted unique experience for your end-users.

Enterprise application development

Hire our Node.JS developers to build complex, innovative, & custom-built applications to modernize and expand your enterprise capabilities.

NodeJS API & package development

Rely on our Node.JS developers, that are proficient in building robust Node.JS APIs and creating reusable packages in Node.JS in a quicker turnaround time.

Serverless / Microservices NodeJs development

Our expert Node.JS developers have decades of experience in serverless and microservices Node.JS development to empower you to focus on enhancing your business reach and add new features frequently.

Maintenance and support

Our experienced developers are ready to offer a wide range of maintenance and support services like bug fixing, emergency care, optimization assistance & more to allow you to do business at the max efficiency.

Why hire our best remote
Node JS developers

Our top-notch technological infrastructure and the versatility of our NodeJS developers are the secret ingredients to project success. And that is why brands across the globe hire the best NodeJS developers from Peerbits.

Advanced programmers

Hire Node JS developers who use their exceptional skills to enhance functionalities & features of applications.

Customized solutions

We understand the fact that every business has diverse needs and thus we provide them with customized solutions.

Dedicated force

We have a workforce of offshore Node.JS developers that are dedicated to delivering unmatched solutions for your business.


Our Node.js development team doesn’t show any rigidness and exhibits exceptional flexibility in their working style.


Our clients choose us as we believe in delivering the best solutions at the most economical rates.

Privacy & security

Privacy and security of clients is one of our prime mottos. We sign NDA between the client and us to ensure that.

What Our Customers Say Today,
You will Say Tomorrow

We have another voice that advocates our work along with us. And those voices are of our esteemed clients. They fell in love with our service and spent their valuable time praising us. See what they have to say about us.

Testimonial Thumb

Michael Olimski

General Manager, Germany

They have a flexible engagement model and highly experienced developers who are capable of grasping our vision and meeting our current and future demands.

Testimonial Thumb


Founder of TutorialsEU, Germany

Their effortless knowledge transfer and expertise that exceeded my expectations helped to make a wise decision of choosing Peerbits.

Testimonial Thumb

Masoud AL Rawahi

CEO of PhazeRo, Oman

I was impressed with their approach, and technical expertise and delighted with their on-time delivery. I was lucky to find them and going to enjoy their services for a long time.

Our clients

Our Node.js experts have won the trust and confidence of all our clients by delivering them IT solutions of unmatched quality. Below mentioned are few of our clients from all corners or the world.

Our success stories

Delivered industry-focused flawless digital products engaging India’s top talent every client desires.


Reduced 40% operational cost building a fully automated eCommerce store

The eCommerce store provides a new way of living the product experience to customers. Customers can rent & buy the best hi-tech products dedicated to fitness, home, and much more.

Retails & Ecommerce , Software ,
Read More

Built remote patient monitoring software to re-defined patient experience

The software keeps your patient engaged in their treatment plan while keeping your team connected and provide better health management at home or anywhere.

Fintech & Insurance , Software ,
Read More

Schedule on-demand fuel delivery app development for Gulf-based oil company

The software allows the citizens of Oman to order fuel from anywhere within the country and get their vehicle tanks filled without heading to the fuel pump.

Oil & Energy ,
Oil Industry
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