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Make your logistics delivery easy with our next-gen last-mile delivery software

Last mile delivery is a vital component in logistic delivery which seals the fate of your brand. Our highly automated last mile delivery helps you to leave a strong impression on your clients.

last mile delivery solution make your dispatch instant and efficient

Make your dispatch instant and efficient

Manage all your dispatch operations efficiently with consolidate routing via our interactive and intuitive web & mobile application dashboard.

Optimize your routes

Discover efficient routes by taking the location, traffic, capacity, and time under consideration with route optimization. It also allows you to send real-time updates to your drivers in case of any last moment changes.

Hawk-eye view

The bird’s view allows you to focus on your main priorities with team, time, and status filters. With this you can find your customers, drivers, or pickup/delivery tasks by searching time, text, and status based queries.

Automatic order scheduler

Manage all your orders in a swift pace with the help of our automatic order scheduler. Minimize your service time with our automated dispatch that assigns the right driver for the right task and at right time.

Ensure quick and accurate dispatch with our last mile delivery solution

Our app’s user-friendly interface makes your driver’s life easy

Our Last Mile Delivery Logistics Management app has an intuitive and interactive UI that makes a driver’s job easy and convenient.

Gratify your customers

Make your customers happy with real-time updates, integrated customer communication, and strong feedback procedure.

last mile delivery solution get data driven business insights from reports analytics

Get data-driven business insights from reports & analytics

Our system has reports & analytics section which provides you with crucial data in a graphical form. These data play a vital role as they help you in taking insight-driven business decisions.

Audit your key metrics

Visualize all the important metrics such as service times, on-time rates, feedback & ratings, total distance traveled, and many more. You can also filter or segment data by drivers, teams, day, week, and even an hour.

Advanced reports & analytics

With our advanced reports & analytics features you can gain more insights about your business. These reports act as an indicator which tells you how well or bad you’re performing. It also suggests some ways to overcome the failure.

Double your profits with our automated & innovative last mile delivery system

Make your last mile delivery fast, convenient, and accurate with our automated & cloud-based solution.

Why choose us for your last mile delivery software?

Our last mile logistics solution comes with plethora of benefits that makes your last mile delivery simple, fast, and more accurate.

Streamline shipping & delivery operations

Our last mile delivery logistics management software streamlines all your shipping & delivery operations. It allows you to manage and serve a huge number of orders at once.

Easy Integration

Our solution gets easily integrated with your existing online ordering system and enables you to monitor the full order journey starting right from your store to your customers’ doorsteps.

Real-Time Notifications

With our system your customers will get real-time notifications via SMS whenever their product gets dispatched or delivered. The app also sends the signal to store backend.

Proof of delivery

Our solution uses e-signature, image, timestamp, and geo-coordinates for the proof delivery. And at store it allows both card management and cash at the point of sale.

Dynamic Planning dashboard

Our solution comes with a dynamic planning dashboard. It uses heat maps and trend lines to analyze the delivery networks. Moreover, it also compares the planned and actual SLAs.

Faster Delivery Time

Our solution assists you in a faster delivery time as it automatically assigns delivery person and vehicle, creates a picklist, generates an invoice and GRN of all your orders.

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