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Smart warehouse management software powered by RFID technology

Our RFID-enabled smart warehouse management system streamlines all your warehouse operations and makes your warehousing business more efficient, fast, and accurate.

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Multiple facets of our smart warehouse management system

Our automated warehouse management system consists of various elements that are used by the staff at different levels of hierarchy. Our system consists of RFID scanners, desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

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RFID scanners for staff

The warehouse staff is equipped with RFID scanners that scans the RFID tags on the goods. This helps the staff to quickly receive and move the items to the inventory.

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Easy-to-access desktop version

Our solution can also be used on the desktop by the office and accounting staff. With this they can create purchase/sales orders and other reports.

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Smartphone and tablet solution

Our smart warehouse management software can also be used in the smart phones and the tablets which keeps the field personnel updates with the current inventory status.

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Reports & analytics

With our warehouse management system, the managers can access various report like latest financial report and many other straight from their smartphones or tablets.

Smart warehouse management solution enables quick & accurate Inbound process

With our RFID enabled smart warehouse management solution you can streamline the entire Inbound process by increasing the quality check efficiency and decreasing the human errors, labor cost, and time.


First the staff receives the goods. They then generate an unloading document on the tab after checking the quality and quantity of the products. Afterwards they update the supplier with an e-signature.


After receiving, all the qualified goods are taken to the sorting area. Here RFID tags with IDs are stuck on each product. These RFID tags are generated from an RFID printer.


After sorting, a putaway list is generated which can be viewed on our WMS solution. The staff then puts the goods in various bins in accordance to the putaway list and associates them with it.

Our WMS helps you in accelerating the inbound process with extreme precision.

keep a track of all the stocks in the inventory with our wms-min

Keep a track of all the stocks in the inventory with our WMS

Our robust RFID enabled warehouse management system keeps you updated with the inventory status. It helps you in stock counting, reducing pilferage, easy RFID scanning, long lasting RFID tags and highly accurate results.

Stock management

In this process the staff counts and records all the items in the store. RFID technology makes it easier for staff member as they can count several items in one go.

Bin transfer

Prior to dispatch the staff members transfer the items placed at a higher bin to the human reachable height bin by linking the item’s ID with the bin.

Track inventory

With our inventory management software, you can efficiently manage all the stocks. You can get to know the precise locations of all the SKUs at any instant of time.

Achieve unprecedented accuracy in inventory management with our WMS solution

Our WMS lets you execute quick sales order with utmost accuracy

With our warehouse management solution, you can streamline the outbound process to dispatch the items rapidly. It also helps in fetching status of items to be delivered along with an auto-generated picking list.

Picking items from the list

Our solution generates a picking list in such a way that the items which have a shorter expiry are placed first. Later the staff members go and collect the listed item.


Once all the items are picked, then they are brought at the packing site where they are packed. The staff members performs a final check before dispatching.


After packing all the items are bifurcated zone-wise. This sorting method helps in easy dispatching. Once sorting is finished all the items are dispatched to trucks.

Optimize your outbound process to carry out sales order at a rapid pace.

Streamline your warehouse processes with following features

Our warehouse management system is armed with advanced features that has the capability to simplify all the complex warehouse processes by streamlining it which in turn saves you a great deal of time, money, and effort.

Real-time Capabilities

Receive information in real-time via integrated hardware and software programs.

Stock Rotation Methods

WMS allows stock rotation method to reduce obsolete items.

Inventory History Transaction Logs

Logs of inventory history transactions on WMS provides you a complete audit trail.

Returned Goods & Backorder Processing

WMS enables efficient returned goods & backorder processing.

Track pilferage

WMS tracks all the items in the inventory and prevents product pilferage.

Tracking stocks

WMS tracks your stock in real-time and informs when restocking is required.

Double your profits with our smart RFID enabled warehouse management system.

Wish to take your warehousing and inventory business to the zenith? Then get our dynamic WMS.

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Top benefits of our warehouse management software

Our warehouse management system is developed with cutting-edge technology due to which it has advanced features that provide your warehousing and inventory business with a plethora of benefits. Few of the major benefits are mentioned below.

Reduce staff expenditure

Our WMS automates various tasks which reduces the number of staff required for the assigned job. Thus, it cuts down your unnecessary staff expenditure.

Improved customer service

With our robust WMS you can receive and deliver your orders on-time. This makes your customers happy and content with your services.

Transparency and Visibility

WMS ensures transparency and visibility as all the data generated by it is accurate and be easily accessed via any internet-enabled device.

Ensures Safety of Stock

Our warehouse management system comes with robust security measures for the stocks. These measures prevent product pilferage and damage to perishable products.

Reduces admin work

Our warehouse management system automates and centralizes all the important administrative tasks which earlier required heaps of paperwork and data entry.

Improves productivity

Our warehouse management software provides your staff with a proper structure with clear KPIs and other performance parameters that makes your employees’ life easy.

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