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Hire Dedicated Java developers

Peerbits offer you to hire professional Java expert developers on a contract and project basis with a risk-free 14-day trial.

  • Guaranteed 160 man-hours
  • Direct access to resources
  • Agile development process
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reporting
  • Flexible working hours

Hire Java expert who can help drive
business results with custom solutions

Hire the best Java developer in India to get scalable, secure, and enterprise-grade online solutions that help overcome business challenges. Our full-stack Java app developers boast top-notch expertise, skills, and knowledge of powerful Java frameworks and applicable technologies.

Tools & Utilities

  • IntelliJ
  • STS
  • Eclipse


  • Spring MVC
  • Spring Boot
  • Hibernate


  • Spring Boot Starter
  • Data JPA
  • Logback
  • AeroSpike
  • AMQP
  • Lombok
  • Jackson DataBind
  • Spring Boot Starter MongoDB


  • MySql
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL


  • RabbitMQ
  • AeroSpike
  • Kafka

Our Java developers ensure
Employing best practices to drive quality applications

Our Java developers help create and improve the functionality of your web and mobile applications while adopting best coding and development practices. They will use conventions and expressions in Java that will result in clean code for you to run applications seamlessly.

  • Implement stream API (to filter data by removing looping) and function interface using lambda expression of Java 8 new features.

  • Hire dedicated Java developers who follow the proper project package structure for the REST API

  • Leverage developers equipped with JDK 11 and spring boot's latest version, 2.6.6, to use the latest features.

  • Our developers follow the CamelCase rule for class, variable, and method name.

  • Hire expert developers who know using Datadog as a logging tool to show any API request body, response, logs, or errors.

  • Providing code comments for each class and method.

  • Hire a Java development team that uses Lombok to remove boilerplate code.

  • Our developers follow strict coding standards and documents designed for REST API development.

  • Ensuring strong Memory management and Exception handling techniques.

Hire dedicated Java developers
For an array of web and app development services

Java Application Development

Create a Java application by hiring top Java developers with Peerbits. We help you pick up the right talent that assures timely delivery, keeps up the communication, and is skilled enough to drive desired results.

Microservice Development

Get the quality Java developers and architects who can deal with a range of frameworks, including Dropwizard and Spring Boot, and use Linux containers to deploy to manage microservices on a large scale.

Web Application Development

Create the best dynamic web applications and web portals made with the current trends where you can employ Java coders, engineers, and programmers from Peerbits who can provide clean web app code.

Standalone Application Development

Planning to hire Java developers to work on your startup idea, build an enterprise application, or extend your in-house team? We've got you covered! Hire standalone Java app developers for the junior level to senior and full-stack developers for your web and mobile app needs.

REST API Development

Our developers understand the MVC framework like Spring/Play and the HTTP protocol (method/response codes), REST/RESTful web services, SOAP (optional) Understanding of JSON or XML or protocol buffers to drive quality results at each milestone.

Support & Maintenance

Get more when you hire Java developers as our team helps integrate, support, and maintain applications and create CMS tailored to your company's specific needs that keep your app updated and secure.

Major benefits of choosing us as your
Java app development company

When it comes to Java development services, Peerbits tops the charts due to the combination of its professional developers and the inventory of cutting-edge tools and equipment.

Pocket-friendly solutions

Over the years, we have learnt the skill of delivering top-rated solutions at the lowest rates possible.

Agile methodology

To ensure continuous delivery, deployment, testing, and iterative development, we use the agile methodology.

Profound technical knowledge

Our pool of developers is exquisite when it comes to the technical knowledge. This helps us to provide you with robust Java solutions.

Vast experience

Our vast experience of delivering unmatched Java app development solutions to our clients has made us the leading IT firm.

Dedicated developers

Get dedicated Java developers who are solely focused, dedicated, and responsible to complete your tasks in a given period.

Support & maintenance

Our developers are easy to reach and are available 24*7 to solve any of your queries and other maintenance issues.

What Our Customers Say
Today, You will Say Tomorrow

We have another voice that advocates our work along with us. And those voices are of our esteemed clients. They fell in love with our service and spent their valuable time praising us. See what they have to say about us.

They have a flexible engagement model and highly experienced developers who are capable of grasping our vision and meeting our current and future demands.

Their effortless knowledge transfer and expertise that exceeded my expectations helped to make a wise decision of choosing Peerbits.

Awards, accolades, and recognition
that we have received

Our Java engineers have delivered solutions of top-notch quality to many of our clients. Their consistent and excellent work has helped us win several awards and recognition mentioned below.

Our clients
From all corners of the world

Peerbits has earned the trust and confidence of many clients who comes from different parts of the world by delivering them with top-notch IT solutions.

Get a look at Our
success stories

Over the years, our Java experts have overcome a cluster of challenges with their dedication, hard work, and perseverance. Get a glimpse of our work below.