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Benefits of digital wallet app development services

eWallets have completely transformed the FinTech market. Right from instant payments to endorsing rewards, digital wallets offer myriad of benefits to its users. Our eWallet software development includes the latest trends and techniques that help you create a flawless digital wallet app that retains your users.

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How does e-wallet app work?

The e-wallet payment solutions follow user-friendly steps to enable users to make instant payments without any interruption. Here are the ideal steps that describe the workings of an e-wallet ecosystem.

Content in steps:

  1. User downloads the e-wallet app
  2. Login through email, gmail and facebook integration
  3. User connects with bank account
  4. Find a contact or add a contact to initiate payment
  5. Click on the “SEND” button to complete the transaction
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Comprehensive e-Wallet mobile app development services

Our digital wallet app development services provide intuitive features that enable users to make easy payments, connect with peers and analyse their transaction history in one place. We provide comprehensive services for e-wallet apps for Android and e-wallet apps for iOS.


Custom wallet app development

As the leading custom eWallet app development company, we help you build a custom wallet app for your business that aligns with your customers and your business brand.


Cryptocurrency wallet app

Get a cryptocurrency wallet app for your fintech businesses that’s compatible with a diverse range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and others.


Closed wallet app

Our team can help you to develop a closed wallet app like Amazon Pay. Your eCommerce business can get multiple benefits if integrated with a closed wallet app for buyers.


Semi-closed wallet app

You can create a semi-closed wallet app like Paytm that enables your merchants and users to make financial transactions, through both online and offline modes.


Open wallet app

Google Wallet is the best example of an open wallet and the best ewallet app for Android. We can deliver a robust open wallet app that is fast, secure and easy to use for daily transactions.


AI-based wallet app development

The role of AI cannot be ignored in ewallet services. Our AI-based wallet app development provides customised financial journey-based guidance and engagement to the users.


IoT-based wallet app development

If you are looking for a wallet app that is compatible with the Internet of Things, we can help you to deliver a seamless app that can be integrated with smartphones, smartwatches and other hand-held devices.


Defi wallet app development

Defi ewallet services are developed to allow users to manage and transact with their digital assets without the need for traditional financial intermediaries.


Centralized eWallet Services

Let your users manage different cryptocurrencies and assets under one roof. We can deliver a centralized eWallet app with two-factor authentication.


Cross-platform wallet app development

If you want to target both Android and iOS users, then here’s the unique solution. Create a uniform cross-platform wallet app that’s compatible with all the operating systems.


NFT-based eWallet app development

Enable your users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs without any hassle with our NFT-based eWallet services. As an early technique, investing in this app can give you a competitive edge.


Mobile wallet UI/UX designing

Design a seamless user journey for your mobile wallet with us. We create clean navigation, prompting buttons and engaging information that thrives aesthetic appeal and experience.


Mobile wallet integration

We can help you upgrade your current app with advanced mobile app integration services. We can integrate your desired e-wallet app APIs into your current solution.


Prepaid wallet app development

It’s similar to a physical wallet, but virtually. Develop a prepaid wallet app that enables your users to store and spend money, pay bills, and transfer funds to other users.


eWallet app maintenance

To keep your eWallet up-to-date and upgrade the security batches, you need to maintain your digital product. We also add new market trends to give you a competitive edge.

Intuitive eWallet app features

Our digital wallet development services are integrated with intuitive features that deliver a flawless end-user experience to users, admins, and merchants.

User onboarding

User registration in our wallet app includes the Know Your Customer process to build a safe finance platform by filling up important user details and also by streamlining ewallet custom service.

Add bank account

The users can link their multiple bank accounts, which helps them to add funds, transfer funds and manage their accounts easily.

Adding money

The users can add funds to their wallets through different modes including Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Bank transfers and other means of payment.

Money Transfer

With the linked bank account, the user can easily transfer money to their desired contacts, or connections, including bank-to-bank and peer-to-peer transfers.

Bills payment

The user can enable automatic deduction of their monthly payment including electricity bills, water bills, and instalments of several loans in ewallet development services.

Transaction History

Our digital wallet app development allows users to have a comprehensive overview of transaction history. It helps them to analyze their spending.

Rewards and offers

Offers and rewards are ideal ways to motivate users to use your digital wallet app for every sort of transaction, earning coupons and cashback for transactions and referrals.

QR code

It is one of the essential features of the digital wallet app that facilitates users to transfer funds seamlessly to the receiving party with just a scan and click.

View balance

Let your users stay updated with their finances by providing a real-time balance of their wallet. Your users can easily check their linked account balance and their wallet balance.

Send invites

The users can easily send invites to their peers to encourage them to try out the new e-wallet app services. They can send emails, and invite them through WhatsApp and other channels.

Set notification

This feature enables the user to stay alert for every update related to their finances including funds received, upcoming bills, new offers and much more.

Digital receipt

This is ideal for sharing with peers. Once users make the payment, they can generate a digital receipt and share it with their peers to preserve the crucial information.

Interactive dashboards

An interactive dashboard that illustrates various important information about the ewallet software development is essential to the success of the merchant panel.

Payments tracking

This feature allows tracking and keeping records of all payments, refunds, returns etc going in and out of their wallet account.

Create a unique QR code

Merchants will be able to generate a single QR code for usage in both stores and online thus facilitating a rapid payment process without mistakes made by clients.

EMI payments

Facilitates merchants to offer easy EMI payment options to wallet users for larger purchases. The user can select an EMI option with different instalments and interest rates.

Customer management

All merchant apps should have ewallet customer service because it enables business to handle customer’s accounts for managing sales history as well as funds transfers.

Offers & discounts

With the help of the mobile wallet solution itself, merchants can create new offers, deals, discounts and cashback according to their marketing campaign.

Push notifications

With this feature, the merchant can send alerts to the users about their upcoming payments, new deals and new products or services added to their wallet.


This feature generates the most comprehensive reports including sales figures, financial trends, account errors etc giving invaluable insight into business development activities.

User data control

It is one of the important features that help merchants control user data created on their side as well as cater for privacy laws.

Real-time analytics

As the name itself suggests, it allows getting sales numbers and product sales at once in real-time through our merchant panel.

Add products

Retailers can add what they want to the eWallet platform so that they can reach a lot more customers than retail store footfall ever could.

Security measures

It is another important feature for merchants for the eWallet app development solution, as it assures them that all financial security is up to date and their data is protected.

User & merchant management

Through the app, the admin can view users and merchants who have signed up as well as limit merchants’ services in some areas and can also manage merchants’ offers.

Transaction management

Admin takes care of all financial services and transactions on the platform. The payment tracking functionality in mobile wallet apps ensures successful payments.

Revenue management

This eWallet feature enables the admin team to check changes in revenue inflows and outflows, critical figures, and trends, among others.


A gamification feature is a must-have because it increases user engagement rate. It contains new elements added by an administrator to enhance attraction rates.

Security management

Security management helps admins to scan unusual data patterns and identify risks associated with their accounts. The admin can block the accounts that are engaged in suspicious activities.

Bank management

Bank management features allow them to collaborate with banking partners either removing or modifying terms with them thereby improving their eWallet app’s scope.

Live customer support

Users usually encounter technical or other issues with their digital wallets. User queries, requests for assistance, and complaints can be monitored here.

Real-time analytics

On a real-time basis, sales figures, product sales, user engagement, live users etc., can be seen through real-time analytics functionalities within the admin panel

Complete data control

Data control is another important feature of the eWallet app solution’s admin panel that gives full control over user and merchant data to the admin team.


Advanced analytics and reporting simplify this process for an eWallet administrator. The platform is improved and necessary changes are made.

Rewards & offers

This function allows managing rewards and cashback from vendors. It also lets the admin team do such promos themselves.


eWallet platform provides this capability which secures all important data periodically against unplanned events like hacking.

Third-party integration

Third-party integration allows eWallet users to make quick purchases without having to switch from the mobile payment app thereby increasing its usability and visibility.

Wallet tokenization

With this feature, users can convert their debit card and credit card information in the form of tokens. This adds up a layer of security, preventing data breaches.

QR-code integration

The QR code is one of the fastest ways of paying using a mobile wallet platform. You may accept and send payments by scanning a code and confirming it as well.


In-app chatbots for mobile payment applications boost user engagement and experience. The popularity of Chatbot shows some demand statistics for in-app solutions like this one too.

USSD payments

By integrating USSD payments into a payment solution, business risks are reduced while also widening the scope of digital wallet apps audience-wise making them available for more people to use.


You may include Enabled-Location functionality in your wallet application development which will enable you to find out any nearest utility service provider.

Virtual payment cards

When these cards are added to the mobile wallet, they can be used for online payments or transfers without asking you for your card details or CVV at each transaction location.

Voice recognition

A voice-based search is a buzzword in Industry 4.0. Voice recognition integration helps to make interactions with the user more engaging and UX more friendly.

Contactless (NFC) payment

Contactless NFC payment enables tap-and-pay, a trending feature that can be added in the eWallet development services resulting in growth momentum.

Cloud integration

For heightened security reasons, cloud integration is found in the Mobile Wallet App where crucial details like token info card info transactions history among others are kept safe up there.

Schedule payments

It’s an exciting function for the eWallet app that lets you automate repetitive payments or trimerize when they should be made next time—a great tool!

Data synchronization

With data synchronization, users can simply log into their fintech data using a mobile wallet application. This is done through syncing of the information.

Dynamic panel for eWallet mobile app development services

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  • Data control
  • Merchant and user management
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Revenue management
  • Security management
  • Offers management
  • Transaction management
  • Features management

  • Create/edit profile
  • Add and remove products
  • Create QR code
  • Customer management
  • Employee management
  • Make withdrawals
  • Discount coupons
  • Reward points
  • Promotional offers
  • Push notifications
  • POS integration
  • EMI payment option

  • Easy registration via phone number
  • Link bank account
  • Add balance
  • Transfer money
  • Make bill payments
  • Available offers and discounts
  • Check Balance
  • Track reward points
  • Set autopay
  • View transaction history
  • Split bills
  • Receive payments
  • Send invites
  • Earn referral points

Why collaborate with Peerbits?

What makes Peerbits the top-rated eWallet app development company?

Faster development, seamless integration and data privacy are the top attributes that describe Peerbits as the top-rated eWallet app development company in the US. Here are many more specialities that you can explore about our company.

Data privacy

All your data remains safe with us and we don’t share your data with third parties.

Two-factor authentication

Our digital wallets are designed with two-factor authentication that prevents unusual logins.

End-to-end encryption

All our data is protected through End-to-end encryption, adding up extra virtual security.


Fraud protection

Our digital wallet apps restrict logins by analyzing unusual patterns and user behaviour.

Security audits and updates

In our app, you can check your security criteria and update it regularly without any hassle.

Cryptocurrency compatible

Our wallet app is compatible with all sorts of currencies and cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

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Frequently asked questions

The eWallet app development costs on different factors and it can vary from one business to another. In general, the cost depends on:

  • The type of platform you need to create a wallet i.e. Android or iOS eWallet app development for android can be cheaper when compared to the eWallet app development for iOS
  • The complexities included in the app, like customization, brand alignment etc
  • The number of features you require for your business
  • The technical stacks used to create the application
  • App testing stages and maintenance that it requires

A digital wallet app provides enhanced security when compared to other apps. It is integrated with cybersecurity technologies like SSL, VPN and TLS to protect all data transmission between the app and the server. To provide an extra layer of security, we also integrate a two-factor authentication with our digital wallet apps to prevent unauthorized access. Thus, our advanced security integration prevents data breaches and protects your application from malicious activities.

An e-wallet app is a platform that enables you to make payments to retail shops, transfer money to your friends and link your bank accounts and credit cards. In short, it is an app that is designed to keep your financial transactions handy.

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