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Our fuel delivery solution unlocks
multiple fuel business opportunities

Fuel Swift is a versatile solution as it unlocks countless fuel business opportunities for both fuel delivery aggregators and fuel station owners. Below we have mentioned how Fuel Swift helps the both:


Fuel Delivery Aggregators

Our fuel delivery system provides you with an opportunity to launch an Uber-like platform that enables the fuel suppliers & retailers to meet with the customers.


Fuel Station Owners

Ensure to fulfil the demands of your customers who run out of fuel or the ones who don’t like waiting in the long queues with our Best Fuel Management Software.

Manage your entire fuel delivery business with our dynamic admin panel

With our easy-to-access admin panel, you can manage your customers and drivers with utmost convenience. Our dynamic and robust admin panel allows you to manage all the queries of your drivers and customers. Our feature-rich admin panel empowers you to drive your fuel delivery business forward.


Admin dashboard

On the dashboard, admin can view the total number of registered users & corporate, fuel quantity delivered, revenue, etc.

Manage fuel trucks

Admin can manage and add fuel trucks by adding truck details like its fuel type, maximum capacity, etc.

Manage drivers

Admin can manage and add drivers by adding driver details, allocating them with delivery regions, assigning vehicles, etc.

Manage fuel type & prices

Admin can add and manage prices of various types of fuels like petrol, diesel, red diesel, aviation fuel, etc.

Track deliveries

Admin can track all the deliveries with real-time location tracking.

Manage payments

Admin can manage payments by monitoring and reviewing all the invoices of its users and corporates.

Get fuel delivered with just a
tap on the customer app

The customer app of our fuel delivery system provides its customers with utmost convenience. Its interactive UI/UX makes fuel ordering an utterly simple task. All one needs to do is to tap on their phones a few times to get fuel delivered at their doorsteps.


Instant fuel refill

Customers can instantly refuel their car, boat, and generator by ordering fuel delivery from the customer app.

Scheduled orders

Customers can schedule their fuel delivery order by selecting the date and the available time slots.

Multiple modes of payment

Customers can pay via multiple payment modes viz. wallet, account details, Visa or Mastercard.

Track delivery person

Customers can track their delivery person with real-time location tracking.

Digital invoice

Once the fuelling is completed, the customer receives a digital invoice in their email address.

Promo & referral code

Customers can receive discounts from promo codes and by referring the service to their friends & family via referral code.

Execute smooth and swift fuel
delivery with our driver app

The driver app of our Online Fuel ordering software makes a driver’s task easy. It allows the driver to manage multiple delivery orders with the utmost efficiency. The feature-rich app enables the driver to deliver fuels to all the customers with high speed and accuracy.


Manage availability

Drivers can manage their availability by switching their status between online and offline.

Driver dashboard

Drivers can view the amount of fuel in the tank along with the list of all the orders with their respective time slots.

Review order details

The driver can view all the necessary order details like the type of vehicle, type of fuel, fuel quantity, etc.

In-app navigation

Drivers can navigate with high accuracy, preciseness, and speed with the help of the in-app navigation system.

Enter fuel details

The driver enters the fuel quantity in the app along with clicking the photo of the meter that shows the quantity of the fuel dispensed.

Request for a truck refill

The driver can request for his truck refill to the admin once he gets the notification of low fuel quantity on his dashboard.

A robust corporate panel to meet your corporate fuel requirements

FuelSwift offers a robust and configurable corporate panel for all its corporate partners. This corporate panel allows them to manage their employees, payments, vehicles, and all the other aspects with the utmost ease.


Corporate dashboard

The corporate admin can view multiple analytics of fuel orders, vehicles, and employees.

Manage employees

Corporate admin can manage their employee profiles by adding details like employee name, vehicle detail, etc.

Manage payments

A corporate admin manages payments by making weekly and monthly payments after receiving the invoices.

Deliver fuel to your customers
anytime and anywhere!

Be a leader in the fuel industry by delivering fuel to your customers at their doorsteps or any other desired location.

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Fuel meter integration

Fuel Swift also offers a fuel meter that can be directly integrated into the application. This fuel meter measures the total amount of fuel dispensed with utmost accuracy and preciseness. Moreover, since it’s integrated with the application, the data can be directly sent to the admin thus saving the driver from the hassle of clicking pictures of a meter every time he finishes dispensing fuel.

Additionally, this integrated fuel meter is also useful in eliminating malpractices of fuel pilferage as the admin can get precise data and quantity of all the fuel that is dispensed.


What makes Fuel Swift superior
from other fuel delivery software?

Fuel Swift comes with a set of several unique features and benefits that make it stand out from the rest. Few of these are mentioned below.

White Label Solution

We offer white label fuel delivery solution with your brand name. We can also add some specific features of your choice as our software accommodates customizations.

Interactive Dashboard

Our fuel delivery app’s analytical dashboard is highly interactive in nature. This enables admin to improve his decision making and thus helps him in making larger profits.


Provide your customers with an utmost level of convenience in which they can avoid the long queues of the gas station and refuel their vehicles by just tapping on their smartphone.

Seamless Support

Our team of developers provides 24*7 seamless dedicated support. No matter what the query is, simply reach to our team and our developers will resolve the issue.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, corporate employees can request for fuel delivery and the process will be managed by the corporate admin.

Yes, the admin can keep the rates different for orders that are scheduled later and the ones that are scheduled for now.

Yes, we will provide you with the source code of the software.

Yes, our developers are always available to provide support and maintenance services.

Yes, a user can add multiple vehicles from a single account

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Peerbits was worth choosing for our airline business's digital transformation. The team's skill, communication, knowledge - everything was exceptional.

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Thanks to Peerbits for building a powerful automated fabric inspection system that helped us achieve high textile quality. Their amazing team support & expertise boosted our growth by 10x.

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