Mobile banking app development

Redefine the way you experience banking. We started with a simple dream - to bring the bank to you, wherever you are, whenever you need it! We have gathered a team of visionary architects, not of buildings, but of possibilities. Together, we embarked on a mission to create a Mobile Banking App that beats the ordinary, bringing the epitome of convenience and security into your financial transactions.

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Mobile Banking App Development

What is mobile banking and how it is used for business?

Welcome to Peerbits where innovative digital mobile banking app development meets the fruitful future of your business. From basic balance inquiries to real-time access and seamless fund transfers, our platform has evolved with the changing needs of businesses. Experience the convenience of remote check deposits, automated bill payments, and advanced security features like biometrics and encryption.

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Mobile Banking Software Services

Transform with innovative mobile banking app development

With 750+ projects delivered on time, and 180+ in-house skilled talents. Peerbits is the perfect strategic ally in digital mobile banking app development for your business. We are committed to pushing the boundaries and bringing cutting-edge technology to you - from virtual card creation to stacks like Java & Kotlin. Beyond mere development, we forge lasting partnerships, providing ongoing support to ensure your app evolves with industry trends.

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Digital Banking App Development Services

Our mobile banking app development services

At Peerbits, the sole purpose is to curate a mobile banking application that redefines the essence of financial technology. We are not just making mobile banking apps, but are also providing an infusion of innovation and functional banking experience.


Customizable alerts

To stay informed with real-time updates and push notifications for account activities, low balance or large transactions


Fund transfers made easy

Just with a few taps seamlessly transfer funds between accounts, process payrolls and also pay vendors.


Personalized financial insights

Get access to the overview of all your online transactions, and also receive a smart financial recommendation for smarter money management.


Intuitive user experience

To seamlessly navigate through the user interface of the mobile banking application, making the online banking experience better.


Card management & creation

Enjoy full control over managing your existing cards - control card balance, set or change the pin and more. You also get the chance to create cards with complete ease.


GPS navigation

To locate the nearest ATMs and bank branches, which ensures convenience wherever you go. 

At Peerbits, we are just not developers but digital architects of unparalleled experiences. We go beyond mobile banking application development, to offer a variety of services that will help your business sustain the ever-evolving fintech landscape.

  • Digital wallet solutions
  • Blockchain integration
  • Mobile banking app upgrades
  • Crypto wallets
  • API integration
  • Investment apps

Our Tech stack

Choose Innovation, Choose PeerBits!

Other on-demand mobile banking apps we create


Hassle-free mobile payments

We offer quick and hassle-free mobile payments. With an intuitive interface, users can seamlessly transfer funds, pay bills, and conduct transactions with just a few taps. The app prioritises speed and simplicity for users on the go.


Expense & budget tracking

A comprehensive budgeting and expense-tracking app. This empowers users to manage their finances efficiently by categorizing expenses, setting budgets, and receiving real-time insights into their spending habits.


Loan management

Simplify the borrowing process by offering a user-friendly platform for loan applications. Whether it's personal loans, mortgages, or business loans, users can explore options, submit applications, and receive quick approvals—all within the convenience of the app.


Savings app

An intuitive and forward-thinking savings app that encourages users to build a financial cushion for their future. With features like automatic savings, goal tracking, and personalized savings plans.


eWallets management & integration

Our user-friendly interface enables users you easily link their e-wallets accounts. We offer an interface that is efficient for wallet management and integration


Card management

Through the card management app, customers will easily view transaction history, block or cancel the lost cards, set spend limits on cards, create pins for the new cards, and so much more.

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After a rigorous selection process choosing Peerbits as our technology partner was the right choice. Peerbits is an innovative company with a team of talented, committed, and smart individuals. Thank you for helping us deliver world-class healthcare solutions. Good job.


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Native iOS app to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers

This is a native iOS app that helps to bridge the gap between the patients and healthcare providers. Patients can monitor their health on a regular basis and share the data with the doctors and healthcare professionals.

Healthcare & Fitness ,

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) app

Remote patient monitoring app helps to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers. It tracks the vitals of the patients and sends it to the doctors.

Healthcare & Fitness ,

Tracking COVID-19 symptoms become easy

The application lets you self-assess, track COVID-19 symptoms and communicate with doctors via video calls and chats.

Healthcare & Fitness ,
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Mobile Banking At Your Fingertips

Transforming banking services one mobile banking application at a time!

We take pride in our transformative mobile banking app development projects…

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Frequently asked questions

Mobile Banking app development offers businesses with secure and quick payment solutions that enhances customer engagement by providing valuable insights for better decision-making.

A custom mobile banking app development company specializes in creating personalized Mobile Banking solutions customized to your business requirements. You need one to ensure that your Mobile Banking app aligns with your unique requirements, providing a competitive edge and a seamless user experience.

By incorporating mobile banking for android and ios, businesses maximize app reach, ensuring accessibility to a broader audience and catering to users across different devices and operating systems.

The mobile banking app development solutions typically involve ideation, design, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance. each step ensures that the app meets quality standards, user expectations, and business objectives.

Mobile banking payment solutions offer benefits like speed, convenience, and security. transactions can be completed with a few taps, eliminating the need for physical currency or cards, and providing users with a more efficient and secure payment experience.

Merchants should look for many features, some of them mentioned like secure authentication, real-time transaction tracking, a user-friendly interface, integration with popular payment gateways, and compatibility with various devices for seamless experience.

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