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Customized smart energy solutions for your business.

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smart energy solution save up to

Save up to 30% of energy with our smart energy solutions

Our comprehensive smart energy solution consists of IoT sensors, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics that enables you to make heavy cuts on energy consumption which can go up to 30 %.

  • Gain insights
  • Save energy consumption
  • Increase operational energy efficiency

Smart energy solutions for various needs

Our smart energy systems are the one-stop solution to manage all your energy consumption woes. No matter which industry you’re from, our system will prove to be an apt solution.

smart energy solution ESCos


Our smart energy systems are the bread and butter for the ESCos whose primary goal is to provide the energy saving solutions to all its customers.

smart energy solution smart grid

Smart grid

Our smart energy solutions play a pivotal role in the optimization of the electricity generation as well as the distribution along with lowering its operating cost.

smart energy solution oil and gas

Oil and Gas

Our smart energy solutions provide key insights for the infrastructure’s health and thus help you to fix all the problems swiftly while maintaining the optimal functionality.

smart energy solution trend analysis

Trend analysis

Carry out trend analysis that compares the energy consumption against the expected patterns. It also alerts and suggests various energy saving actions whenever your energy consumption goes out of hand.

Set usage benchmark for various utilities such as: water, electricity, natural gas, compressed gas, and steam.

  • Identify energy wastage source
  • Reduce carbon footprints
  • Enhance sustainability
smart energy solution measure and verify

Measure and verify

Our Smart energy monitoring system has a cloud-based measurement & verification tool that provides an effective alternative to all conventional spreadsheet solutions in which you can measure the total power and amount consumed.

This tool makes it easy for you to set routine/non-routine adjustments and reporting periods. It also supports sensors, energy meters, and other new meters that are added to the platform in a great deal.

  • Simplify collection
  • Simplify storage
  • Simplify energy data processing
smart energy solution reports and analytics

Reports and analytics

Reports and analytics is an important feature for smart energy systems which offers data visualization and energy efficiency analysis. It helps you to know where exactly your money is being spent.

This information ultimately guides you to make precise and effective energy saving efforts.

  • Get a visual representation of your energy consumption
  • Access real-time data
  • Collect data from smart meters
smart energy solution predictive energy optimization

Predictive energy optimization

Improve the energy efficiency of complex buildings of all types with the help of predictive energy optimization. It helps in effective optimization around occupancy comfort, system efficiency, and the lowest cost.

It takes the model of your building and considers all the parameters at various points of the building. At the end it suggests a dynamic value which again changes due to factors like weather, time, location, and many more.

  • Reduce energy consumption by 10-25%
  • Make the office environment more comfortable
  • Utilize capabilities of 5i platform

Save more and save smart with our top-notch smart energy solutions tailored for your business.

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What makes us the leading company for IoT-enabled energy solutions?

We are a leading company that has provided several smart energy solutions to a several number of clients. Below are some of our USPs which show why you must choose us.

Expert consultation

When you partner with us, you get the support and consultation from the pool of our esteemed energy experts whose advice can boost your business.

Tailored solutions

We know that one solution can’t fit for all. That’s why build tailor-made solutions for all of our clients that helps their business to grow at a rapid pace.

Sustainable approach

We are a leading smart energy solution provider with an impressive portfolio. We are known for our sustainable approach over a span of several years.

Tangible results

We believe in delivering tangible and feasible solutions for all our clients. These solutions can be applied to all sectors and businesses.

Regulatory compliances

We take extreme care of the fact that all our smart energy solutions that we build comply with all the industry standards, certification, and policies.

Flexibility over payment

We understand that each client’s requirements differ from each other. And to accommodate that we provide flexibility over payments.

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