The on demand economy has managed to attract investors, youngsters who strive to implement their ideas in the form of a startup, and mobile app developers due to increasing competition.


The growing pioneers that offer on demand application services like Uber, Ola Cabs, Jugnoo, Zopper, and Urban Clap have established the brand value to such an extent that it becomes important for mobile app development companies to understand the value of effectiveness.

The entire model of on demand app services is largely dependent upon the aspect of customers’ convenience.

In order to make it more convenient for them to have access to these services, all the businesses in the on demand economy have been making genuine efforts to cater to the needs of customers in the best possible way in order to give them a highly satisfying experience.

As a result, each and every player that contributes to the on demand economy has considered the importance of retaining the user friendly nature of these mobile applications that are used by customers in order to book services.

In the long term, the success of all these on demand services offering startups and the already established players is going to be calculated on the basis of how effective their services are in terms of quality, customer satisfaction, efficiency, intuitiveness, and productivity.

One more aspect to look at it is how effective the process of generating revenue is.

There are various solutions that have been given by industry experts to resolve the issue of bad performance of these mobile applications, but these solutions tend to miss some or the other realm of the whole delivery chain.


This makes it highly relevant for the owners and mobile app development companies to coordinate properly in order to maximize or optimize these on demand application services to retain the customers’ interest.

Here are five effective ways to optimize these on demand application services.

Regular interaction with the target audience to cope up with the increasing competition

In order to deal with the increasing competition, it is must for the players in the on demand economy to be aware of how important it is to keep on interacting with the target audience in order to attract more and more customers.

Other than the technical aspect of on demand application services, working with your customers to enhance their experience is also an important thing for making optimizing these on demand application services.

The reason behind this is it establishes a brand value which is way an equally important parameter to judge the success of any player.

This will not only lead to a gradual increment in the number of regular customers, but it will also help in adapting to the changing market due to increasing competition.

Look at the intense competition between Ola Cabs and Uber and analyze how both of them have changed their marketing strategies by having a deeper understanding of the changing market and the way consumers’ buying patterns change.

Restore the efficiency of mobile applications

Building an efficient mobile application is not enough to optimize the on demand application services.

It is also significantly important for different agencies to keep on working and maintaining the efficiency of these mobile applications in order to give customers a satisfying experience all the time.

Regular attention should be given to the aspect of improving the design of mobile applications. It should be user friendly and should have a feasible interface.

In such cases, the role of mobile application development companies or mobile application developers comes into consideration as they need to ensure the desired quality level.

It should be developed through regular design tests by utilizing the concept of MVPs MVP app development in order to retain user friendliness of the application.

The mobile application should be easy and simple to use as customers would not prefer to spend too much time in understanding how it works.

Value chain optimization needs to be ensured

Features and user friendly interfaces with amazingly advanced UX are the highly required elements in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

These elements manage to attract end users to a high extent as a result it is required to make sure that the value chain is optimized.

The entire concept is based out of values like customer convenience and accuracy. In order to ensure high accuracy, the time interval between booking the service and delivering the order should be reduced.

Genuine efforts to simplify the value chain should be made in order to succeed.

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Reinvention of the wide area network (wam) delivery

The entire model of the wide area network delivery should be grown and evolved continuously as the on demand economy is solely focused on supplying services or goods at multiple locations so that a customer does not have to wait.

In order to do that, it becomes important to keep on meeting the changing requirements.

The traditional model has been shifted to the cloud computing based model which is just one of the examples of how the technology has changed the way things work these days.

It has also led to virtual tools that become an alternate option for WAN optimization.

Flexibility in marketing and pricing strategies is highly significant

This is more about ensuring that the pricing strategy is based on coping up with the intense competition and on making it more convenient for the end users so that more and more customers get attracted.

In today’s world where each and every type of service is being booked through mobile applications, the main concern needs to be about whether it is affordable for customers to book these on demand services or not.

The high level of flexibility needs to be there as the market keeps on changing and it is an advantageous situation for the company if it has flexible pricing and marketing strategies.

Usage of several small servers in place of a single big one

Usage of numerous small servers instead of a single big server can improve the performance of the app by a great extent.

It’s because the data takes time to process in the big server which ultimately increases the response time.

The response time can be considerably reduced if we use several small servers along with a load balancer.

This combination makes the data flow easy and distributes the data swiftly to the right server.

The load balancer also helps in terminating caching static files, terminating SSL, and supporting both HTTP/2 and HTTP/1. x.

Cache your data

Caching data is a method in which the data that is being frequently used is stored. This storage makes it easy to retrieve it from the storage memory rather than generating the new data.

Caching can reduce load from the server along with helping the users to access the files that they didn’t store in their browser cache.

This prevents the needless transfer of data that was once accessed in the nearby server. It also reduces the load time as it brings the data physically closer to the user.

Use data compression

As the name suggests data compression helps you to store data in fewer bits as compared to that of its uncompressed version.

Data compression helps in improvement of the application performance.

One can use the compression standards such as jpeg, mpeg4, mp3, and png. This is the first step that boosts up the performance of an application.

These standards compress large data and transfers them with swiftly. Data compression also frees up more storage space which ultimately results in enhanced performance by the application.

Monitor your work

Constant monitoring of an application helps you to identify the need for any change if necessary. You must understand that the market keeps changing along with customer’s needs and demand.

The user has an expectation to see some new and fresh changes in the application. This makes the monitoring job important and routine.

Monitoring also helps in fixing technical glitches that are caused due to the database and servers.

SSL and TLS optimization

SSL and TTL are used to transfer the data privately and securely between the web server and web browser.

Google has placed both of them as a high-ranking criterion. Its main objective is to provide security in the data transfer between the two networks.

Both the protocols can boost or slow down the performance which is why optimization becomes necessary to enable high speed.

Session caching, IDS, session ticketing, Open SSL, and standard commodity are some of the common ways of optimization.


On Demand Economy is hitting an all-time high, and therefore, taking correct measures to optimize such offerings is bound to yield efficient results.

Moreover these aren’t just all-exhaustive ways to optimize the mobile app services as the it includes plenty other ways through which mobile app results can be boost up.

But, while every other businesses follow the same on-demand model using it as a tool for successful business then things can go wrong.

Not all business works the same way as each segment of business comes with its own set of perils and vulnerabilities.


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