Your technology partner for driving business ahead


Tech consultation

The one point stop to address all your technology needs right from Cloud, IoT, Wearables, and mobile applications and web development

Startup partner

A startup partner who takes care of all your technology implementations to let you focus on the core business functions.

UX strategy

Incorporate proven UX experts to improve the odds of gaining a long-term competitive advantage with regards to designed experiences.



iOS development

With proven expertise in iOS app development we keep involving new technology and fresh ideas to custom iOS app development for tailor-made business applications.

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Android development

The new-age Android applications demands lots of innovation in building an outstanding app. Reward your business with a ultra-modern app for high user engagement.

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Web development

Our comprehensive web development process right from design, to execution, to smooth navigation enables high audience retention along with efficient conversions.

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IoT is going to shape the tomorrow. Peerbits wants to build the cities of tomorrow: smart cars, smart homes, smart retail, smart workplaces etc.

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Bot development

Develop third-party applications to run on the already established bot platforms like Slack and Messenger. Explore the new-age horizons to cater wider audiences in more convenient manner with Bot development.

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With Peerbits expertise in wearable development, you won’t only be able to carry your app wherever you go, but also wear it like a piece of clothing

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Cloud Solutions

Redefine your business data lifecycle for faster processing of on-demand computing resources by taking it all to ‘cloud’ with our set of experts to guard your data against any adversaries.

Quality Assurance

Providing QA services for web and mobile applications that assure quality by surpassing the minimum requirements to keep your technology at par with industry standards.

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App Analytics

Get number crunching right with your mobile applications to gauge interactions, conversions, and success of mobile apps with real-time mobile app analytics.

After Launch Support

Get our assurance for the after launch support as we promise to be your partner throughout the product life cycle, including post-launch service, support, and security needs.


Involving us in your technology venture guarantees our extended support of maintaining your technology assets so as to keep them from errors, bugs, and malware.

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Dedicated Team

Involve the dedicated offshore team for any of you technology project for a cost effective, a competitive solution that warrants higher ROI.

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